Estée Lauder Cofounder of Estée Lauder Company of Cosmetics

Estée Lauder was born on July 1st, 1908 in Queens, New York.
Estée Lauder attended Newtown High School. During her high school years she found the love of beauty by the little things. She loved doing her moms hair, and applying creams to her moms skin.
By the help of family, she has been a huge success. From her uncle being a chemist, he has made a huge impact on how things could start off in her near future.
One of the most major role models in her life was her mother. Some of her earliest memories were of her mother’s routines, which revolved around applying rich creams to her face and hands to keep her skin soft and smooth. She always admired her mother. Her mother would always tell her, “Hands are as telling as any written pedigree."
Ever since Estée was younger, she always had a strong feel for acting. She did not feel that it was a way to her heart, as she says, "like the way whipping up skin care solutions did." She always wanted to be on the stage in the lights, but I was willing to settle for her name on a jar of the cosmetics. At an early age she then became working for her father who owned a hardware store, to start out making little money. She arranged window supplies.
She had a different passion though, and she wanted to follow in her Uncle's footsteps. He taught her many different skills that would be to her benefit. She learned how to cleanse her skin with oils rather then harsh soaps, and learned how to mix up batches of his all around skin cream. She wanted to have the power to create beauty.
One summer day, she met the love of her life Joseph Lauder, on the lake, and then got married and moved to Manhattan.
In the late 1940's & early 1950's she created her own company. Estée and Joseph went around to find responsibilities. Estée would find a way around the cleverness, and product development. Joseph managed the finances and the development on the business side of the deal.
In 1946, she started her own beauty line by making 4 of her own different products. Some ways that she would get the word out by her new products would be buy leaving them in local salons giving them free makeovers and demonstrations. In 1947 she opened up her first department store.
Some of the advancements that she accomplished through out her life was in general, making people happy. She also came up with interesting products that helped make the company grow. For example, in 1960, Estée lands the first overseas account in Harrods the first store in London. The UK ends up being a core market.
Estée has became success for many different reasons. She had one of the most impactful cosmetic companies during that time period. As technology started advancing she really began to set sail. She was creative by using new and efficient products. Models advertised the products, and made them sell faster. Estée Lauder also made a variety of make ups, lotions, and holiday packages. She has made a huge impact on girls today by making them feel more beautiful.

Today, Estée Lauder is worth over 9.5 Billion Dollars.

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