Haiti Fighting drug-resistant TB in children

We support people with TB,

wherever or whoever they may be

We can’t put a price tag on the life of a person or on the life of a child

Dr Richard Milo, National TB Program

Drug-resistant tuberculosis kills, so it’s an emergency to treat children

Dr Antoinette Clervil, Pediatrician, GHESKIO center

I always asked them why they never received different doses of drugs for children. Why they take the same drugs for adults that they mix to give to the children?

Splanda, mother of Jepheté

We are tremendously grateful for the work that the Stop TB Partnership and partners have done in really pushing the agenda to get pediatric drugs developed and accessible

Dr Vanessa Rouzier, Chief Pediatrician, GHESKIO center

The drugs work well for him because he stopped coughing

Tania, mother of Kerby

Thanks to those who gave the drugs, to GHESKIO, to all the doctors who took care of the children for me. I did not lose them, they are alive.

Belizaire Marie Martine, mother of Jahel

It’s very sad to see in the 21st century we can’t stop this disease and that people have lots of problems getting access to better care for TB

Dr Vilbrun, Director of DR-TB Hospital, GHESKIO Center

We support people with TB,

wherever or whoever they may be

The Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility’s Pediatric Drug-Resistant TB Initiative is possible thanks to the support provided:

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