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How Stadium Construction Costs Reached the Billions

In recent years, it’s nowhere near adequate to say that the ante has been upped when it comes to stadium costs. A handful of team owners have raised and re-raised, and now the size of the pot is such that there's no space on the table to deal the cards. How did billion-dollar stadiums become the norm?

How Small College Stadiums Can Use Size as Advantage

When the media and the public talk about the facilities "arms race" in college sports, they tend to think about it in muscular terms: The biggest stadium, the highest capacity, the greatest number of (and most luxurious) suites. But as sports program administrators know, winning the arms race isn't about securing bragging rights.

Three Ways Midsize Collegiate Sports Venues are Evolving

How we design and create collegiate athletic venues is an ever-moving target. New technology, evolving spectator expectations, and opportunities to enhance the student-athlete and fan experience are constantly pushing sports venues to new heights.

LED Lighting Brings Special Effects to Stadiums

US Bank Stadium

In quite a literal sense, stadium illumination has gained rock star lightshow status, with control capabilities far exceeding the simple instant-on/off advantage that LED technology holds over traditional high-intensity discharge sports fixtures.

Delivering Sound in Large Spectator Sports Venues

Consumers accustomed to surround-sound quality in their home theaters or the personal satisfaction of cranking their car stereo bring expectations to the live sports experience that they didn't decades ago. Back then, a PA system delivered in-game announcements and little else. Now sports venue sound is designed to be as good or better than what fans are familiar with in everyday life.

Limitless Potential for the Internet of Things in Athletic Facilities

Connected sensors, beacons and the like are being used not only to improve the experience of the building user but to help make modern facilities self-aware, connecting everything from HVAC and lighting systems to digital displays.

Five Concepts that Drive Community-Focused Stadium Design

The approach to the design of collegiate athletics facilities — particularly practice facilities — has honed in on these goals to create an ideal day-to-day experience for student-athletes, integrating technology that can enhance performance and amenities to make the practice facility a home away from home.

Forty Years of Stadium Design Evolution

From Athens, Greece, to Atlanta, Georgia, stadiums exist to give as many as tens of thousands of people a clear view of a singular field of play. That much hasn't changed for centuries, but plenty has changed in terms of stadium design over the 40 years Athletic Business has been examining the process.


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