Trump's approach to the Media


Left Leaning: A news organization who's content is influenced more by the liberal side of politics.

Right Leaning: A news organization who's content is influenced more by the conservative side of politics.

"War on Media": Donald Trump's definition of his approach to news organizations.

Bias: A article that chooses to be in favor for or against a subject.

Sparred: Argue


Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America, and in the first few weeks of his presidency he has been establishing conflict with the media. Donald Trump declared journalists or media personalities “among the most dishonest human beings on earth” (Grynbaum). Creating this relationship with the media has been affecting the way the media is portraying him. Donald Trump also declared himself in “a running war with the media” (Ember). Which is affecting the way the media is talking about him because of his actions and choice of words against them. By saying these things Donald Trump has been negatively portrayed by many news outlets.

Who is Trump the most upset with?

Although Trump has attacked many news organizations these are some of the many news outlets that he has taken a special look at. According to an article published in the Ibtimes written by Alex Garofalo, ”The Huffington Post has... spent some time banned from Trump campaign events.” The Huffington Post is more of a left leaning news outlet which is compared to a more right leaning news organization. Some other organizations he has brought attention to is The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and CNN. “Trump has attacked CNN for bias, for supposed bad ratings and for even actively working for Clinton — he has often dubbed the network the ‘Clinton News Network’,” stated Garofalo in another Ibtimes article. CNN is considered the objective voice in cable news, so having Trump attack them was a big surprise to the public. The public was not as surprised by the response of CNN and the many other news organizations.

How are these organizations responding to trump?

The huffington post has done many different things in response to Trump’s criticisms. One of their many different responses is by covering the people against him instead of the people for him. Such as an article published on February 21st, 2017 called ‘Have You No Ethics?’: Anne Frank Center Chief Slams CNN’s Drumpf Surrogate. The executive director was quoted in the article written by Rebecca Shapiro who stated “A CNN segment turned tense Tuesday night when the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respects executive director verbally sparred with Kayleigh McEnany, the network’s in-house surrogate for President Donald Drumpf.” Rebecca includes this quote in her article because she speaks from the side of the executive director. Showing his side and not the side of Kayleigh McEnany. CNN has also responded to these attacks as the “CNN President Jeff Zucker spoke with reporters in New York, claiming that the ‘president’s attacks have boosted ratings and internal morale’”(Edkins). CNN has had some of the most verbal attacks against them. These attacks have had many affects on Donald Trump’s presidency.

How have their responses affected Donald Trump's presidency?

The news organizations that Donald Trump has taken an interest in have a high popularity in the United States. In a survey conducted by Matthew Gentzkow and Hunt Allcott from Stanford University and New York University their “survey suggests that 14 percent of Americans viewed social media as their ‘most important’ source of election news.” By having voters only reading these news outlets for their information which is negatively portraying President Donald Trump it is giving them only the negative information about his presidency. Also a chunk of American citizens have been protesting against the Donald Trump presidency. Sydney Grynbaum from The New York Times explains how Donald Trump’s presidency has “lead to a high-tension standoff between his administration and the news media.” This has the American people losing trust in the administration at the white house, and leading a mistrust in his ability to run the country. This has caused a lot of responses from the American people.

Can trumps war on media succeed?

Donald Trump has had many different responses to his choice on approaching the media. According to an article written by Eric Dezenhall, a published writer on CNBC, alluded to how “they can succeed until they fail like Nixon's Watergate cover-up.” Dezenhall compared Trump’s approach to the media as having the same effect as Nixon’s watergate scandal. As it did gain Nixon a few years it still lead to him getting impeached. Marisa Kellam and Elizabeth A. Stein, both writers for The Washington Post, stated “Trump, as president, would endanger press freedom.” Having the media and public starting to realize that these rights may be under attack might cause major protests and uprisings from society. Donald Trump’s approach to the media has caused major controversy all around the world, and has inspired many to stand up for what they believe in no matter what side they are on.


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