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The business opportunity is in the Network Marketing space. In this message I am going to provide in a nutshell how the business operates to assist you to make a decision to join me on this life changing opportunity. Four Corners is a credible regulated and reputable company. It is based in the US and has been in existence since 2011. The entry fee is a once off $ 18 and has no monthly fees. Due to there being no monthly fee, you see it has a 100% retention, this means that once you’re in you in, you can’t fall out. In network marketing terms this is unheard of as you can’t fail because of it. The model is also different as it’s a Forced Matrix, which means every position must be filled which in turn means no one loses out, the system. The idea is that each person brings in 4 personals, that’s it and that’s all. However, even if you don’t you can’t fail as people are placed below you, you earn. If you don’t bring in a person the maximum you can earn is $ 559 000. If you bring in 4, the maximum you can earn is $ 559 000 x 5. This may sound complex but it’s not really, your matrix is filled = $ 559 000, HOWEVER, you earn what’s called a check matching bonus for every person you bring in on their earnings, so your 4 over time earns you $ 559 000 x 4. Logically you can see why people sign more than 4, and they are rewarded for that multiple times in comparison to those who don’t bring in one, but again, no one is left behind and we all earn. So helping one another is key to quicker success. The products are financial literacy through e-books, so not only are you able to earn a lot of money, but you also learn what to do with the money, there are 32 modules in all. When you join, you join level 1 = $ 18 you receive your books, to get to level 2 you need to have 4 people below you, either you bring them in or the people above you bring them in. As you are upgraded the profit you made is used to buy the second level e-books. This continues to level 6 e-books, so the only outlay is $ 18. You can take the profit out, but this then keeps you on level one as you drew out and the system can’t upgrade you to the next level, this then also sees you not earning off people below you who are on higher levels than you, so basically your earning stops. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s only $ 18 and like riding a bicycle you learn to ride it by riding it. The company is open in 130 countries and there are over 7 Billion people in the World, so finding 4 is easy, there is a lot more but it’s way too much to bombard you with now. All the info is positive. You earn in US$ and can get paid through an offshore card and draw here at an ATM or pay for goods and services using the card like a credit card. Lets get you started, then I will add you to my mentoring team on how why and where.
This is Included with your $18 Once off Join Fee

Please watch the following Video that explains 4 Corners Comp Plan.

Join Our 4 Corners Team to Financial FREEDOM

Once you are on board, I then will add you to our mentoring team to support you through your journey in 4 Corners. I will be at your disposal anytime you need me, to assist you to make this a successful journey to Financial Freedom. So take ACTION NOW!


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