Chapter lesson 3 By:Gabrielle

Steppe is flat, dry grassland

A terror is a ciolnt act are meant to cause harm of people.

Unify is to bring together as one

A regime is a ruler during a given of time.

Many of the Chinese , the Mongols in China practiced Buddhism.

In 1271, Kublai Kahn decided he wanted to control all of China

Mongol was quite different from chinses culture.

In A.D. 1260 the grandson of Genghis khan, Kublai, became the new ruler of Mongol.

The Mongols tried totaled over the Silk Road.

After Genghis Khan died in A.D. 1227. His territory split in several areas. Each of them were ruled by one of his sons.

Was a famous European traveler reached Chaina was Marco Polo.


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