white snow

SUMMARY: white snow was a princess who lived whit her stepmother and the stepmother did not want her and white snow suffered much
my favorite character is the 5 dwarfs because when white snow came to the house of it they accepted it if they doubted it and spent time each day leaning more.
I LIKE THE MOVIE : yes because almost everything they do i like their way of expressing their feelings the way they speak their way of acting everything i like and also expresses that when you care about care about someone no matter how you are.
RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE: to my sister because she like the stories very much like this movie of white snow .


Created with images by Jennie Park Photography - "Snow White and her cape!" • crackdog - "Snow White, c1919" • CREEPETZ - "botas fieltro" • castanias - "Semana santa blanca (II)" • Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - "Rosedal de Buenos Aires"

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