Color at Work Color as a compositional element in graphic design

Sample Color Idea Book

Rebecca Hagen | October 2016

Copyright on the following images remains with the original creator. These images are borrowed for use in this sample assignment and are intended for educational purposes only.

YELLOW: Yellow is a natural choice for ad ad for Burt’s Bees products. Made from honey and other bee byproducts, yellow is the color of honey. Burt’s Bees corporate color is yellow.
BLUE: There are two possible reasons why this medical website's primary color is blue. First, blue is a commonly associated with medicine as doctors and nurses are often depicted wearing blue scrubs. Second, blue is often associated with technology, particularly blues like the cyan shade seen here. This web slide is marketing the facility's "better technology."
RED: M&M candies come in several colors. But this particular tongue-in-cheek ad uses a red candy to tie in to the visual imagery of the Communist Revolution in Russia. "Red" has historically been shorthand for Russia.
GREEN: Green was chosen as the primary color for this salon and spa web template to tap in to the color's associations with fresh, organic and herbal.
PURPLE: The purple shades used in this ad for Katy Perry's "Mad Potion" perfume not only pick up the color of the performer's hair, but they make an analogous color palette. Purple is also associated with mystery and mysticism, appropriate to the magic theme of the add. Pink and purple here read as a feminine color palette, which also fits with the overt femininity and sexuality of this particular musical artist.
WHITE: This ad for Weyerhaeuser’s Cougar paper line is presented in white to demonstrate the “whiteness and brightness” of the product. A high degree of brightness and whiteness (as indicated here with a dimmer switch) is considered a desirable paper attribute.
BLACK: The designer’s choice of black in this Dow Chemical ad is based on emotional appeal. The message is that Dow products improve human life. The visual impact is bringing people out of the darkness. Black is also mysterious, which ties in to the semi-transparent periodic table-style “Hu” block at left. We are given the impressing that Dow has the magical formula to make life better for these children.
Sample Color Book project | White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner's Guide to Communicating Visually through Graphic, Web and Multimedia Design. Rebecca Hagen and Kim Golombisky.
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