Patriots Release Martellus Bennett Was it smart?

With all of Gronk's injuries, was releasing Martellus Bennett smart?

Picture of the duo Gronk and Marty

With recent news Patriots fans, and football fans all over have been wondering. Has Belichick finally made a dumb move? The answer is yes and no. Both sides could be argued some good and some bad comes out of it

Belichick coaching on the sideline

If you live under a rock or don’t know what the internet is then you didn’t know that the New England Patriots chose to not resign tight end, Martellus Bennett. A lot of Pats fans, including myself were not happy about this. Some might say to never question the god that is Bill Belichick, but I was left in confusion after reading the ESPN article. The reason that this is a big deal is because Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots main tight end needed surgery to fix a ruptured disk in his back. So Bennett had to step up. And step up he did.

Martellus Bennett after he scores touchdown against the Cleveland Browns

According to NESN, “He caught 55 passes for 701 yards and a team-high seven touchdowns”. These are very impressive stats for a tight end. The 29 year old carried New England through some tough times in games. And considering his size carrying people wasn’t an issue

Bennett with his quarterback, Tom Brady

So the question is why would Bill have the audacity to not sign him. The answer is Brandin Cooks.I Cooks is a receiver from New Orleans that had 78 rec, 1173 receiving yards, and 8 touchdowns in the 2016 regular season. In 2015 he had 84 rec, 1138 receiving yards, and 9 touchdowns according to Pro Football Reference. Those are better stats than Tom Brady’s number one WR target, Julian Edelman (granted Tom Brady has multiple targets to throw to. Not only one person gets the love. Totally unbiased opinion)

Cooks celebrating touchdown

With another weapon, the Pats offense will be hard to beat. If Gronk is in full health next season, then the Patriots will be set. Especially after picking up TE Dwayne Allen from the Colts. Although his stats were miniscule next to Bennett’s. The problem is that the odds of Rob Gronkowski being healthy for a full season are about as likely as the Jets making the playoffs. He has suffered 4 injuries since 2012. So like I said. The argument can go either way. And with Dwayne Allen most likely needing to step up in place of Gronk, he better come to impress.

Patriots huddle in the 2016 season

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