Learning Guide 2 photography a period

Objectively critiquing images: a primer

There are 4 key things to look for in every image. Light, subject, composition, and the idea. All four of these key things make up the core element of a photograph. Every picture needs light. With no light you get no picture. Timing is also a big part in taking a picture. If the timing is off then the picture won't be as clear or won't convey the same idea. Next, if you took the subject away from the picture what would it be? The subject makes up most all photos so if you took the subject away the picture wouldn't be the same. Lastly, the idea makes the picture what it is. Without and idea you wouldn't have a picture. The photographer has to have an idea about the picture so he/she can strive to achieve the goal of the idea. Once they do that, it makes the picture really good and thats how we get so good of pictures online from all of these different photographers, because they start with an idea and they do whatever they can to get that idea conquered.

How to properly critique a photograph

Getting input on the photos you take is very important to having success. If the photographer gets critiqued on their photos, they can learn how to take a perfect picture. Getting feedback on your pictures is huge for photographers, because they can get imediate feedback on what they need to work on. Knowing what they need to work on helps them fix their mistakes and learn from them. giving advice is key in photography. When you give someone advice, make sure its with a purpose. Show them how to improve their image and make it better.

Learn the Skills of Critiquing Photographs With These 5 Tips

Giving your opinion can go a long way in photography. When you critique their work, don't be too nice. Give them your honest opinion so it can help them improve on what they already have. Although some photographers may take it the wrong way, it will ultimately help them reconstruct their images and hopefully make them better.

Summary of the two articles

In almost 200 years, the camera developed from a plain box that took blurry photos to the high-tech mini computers we use in our DSLRs and smartphones today. Telephones have helped many photographers in the last century. Also, the invention of the smart camera. Both of these components have helped photography become world known and more popular to people around the world. These cameras have become the new hottest thing in today's world and have helped photographers focus in on composition instead of the camera they are using.

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