Amie Roberts Photography Prepping for a successful Newborn Session

Congratulations! I cannot wait to meet and photograph your newest addition!

It is very important to feed and burp baby before you leave your home for our session.

Even if it's a dream feed or just a top up, a full belly helps make for a sleepy baby!

Please avoid wearing anything on baby that has to be pulled over their head. A sleeper with a zipper is perfect and loosening baby's diaper will avoid lines and creases in their skin.

When you arrive, please leave baby in their car seat, especially if they have fallen asleep. I will remove them carefully, making sure not to wake them.

I keep the studio very warm to ensure that your little one is cozy and comfortable for being photographed naked or swaddled.

If you have booked a Full Session, please schedule 2-3 hours to spend in the studio. For Petite Sessions, please schedule 1-2 hours. Swaddle Sessions are about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Please do not schedule any appointments before or after our session.

During the session, feel free to sit back and relax! I won’t need much assistance so you can catch up on Facebook, answer e-mails, or take a nap!

If you are formula feeding, please bring extra bottles. If you nursing, be prepared for extra feedings. Also, please bring a pacifier with you even if baby doesn't take one. They do help to settle baby if they are fussy.

I also encourage you to bring snacks/light lunch with you to the session. Cold water bottles are provided.

Parent, family and sibling images are only included with Full Sessions.

These images are captured at the beginning of the session. A solid color shirt for both Mom & Dad photograph best with my backdrop for these images.

For big brothers, please wear a neutral shirt and jeans. They can be bare chested if requested. For big sisters, please wear a top or dress with texture (lace, knit, etc). Girls can also be bare chested and have a wrap covering them.

Afterwards, your spouse is welcome to head out with the older siblings to do something fun while I pose your newborn for their individual photos.

For the remainder of the session, it's all about baby!

Safety of your newborn is my top priority. I will never put your baby in an unsafe position or continue to pose them if they are upset or in any discomfort.

It is important to me for your baby to look comfortable and peaceful and for each image to be a piece of art. I take my time to make sure every little finger and toe is positioned perfectly. I am a perfectionist and am very patient so it's not unusual for me to spend some time working to perfect one pose.

Please don't worry or stress if baby is fussy or not sleepy. Usually with the heat, white noise machine, a soother and swaddling them, they settle right to sleep.

I provide all props including fabrics, bonnets, headbands and wraps. These items are the highest of quality to ensure they photograph beautifully on your brand new baby.

I will try my best to accommodate any special requests for photos, but please mention this before the session for us to discuss.