Newborn Guide Prepping for a successful Newborn Session

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

Babies are best photographed between the first 5-12 days of life. They are super squishy & sleepy!

I do offer newborn sessions up until 6 weeks of age. Babies still like to be swaddled at this age, so I use that to my advantage. They also have better eye contact for beautiful, awake images.

Newborns should only have an awake time of 45 minutes, so I only ask that you keep baby awake and stimulated for up to 60 minutes. Any longer than that, babies will get overtired and fussy and can be much harder to settle. Giving them a bath or undressing them usually keeps them awake.

Please feed and burp baby right before you leave for our session. A full belly makes for a sleepy baby!

Dress baby in a loose fitting sleeper to avoid any lines on their skin. Please avoid wearing anything on baby that has to be pulled over their head.

When you arrive, please leave baby in their car seat, especially if they have fallen asleep. I will remove them carefully, making sure not to wake them.

I keep the studio very warm to ensure that your little one is cozy and comfortable for photographing naked or swaddled.

During the session, feel free to sit back and relax! I won’t need much assistance so feel free to check Facebook, answer e-mails, or take a nap!

If you are formula feeding, please bring extra bottles. If baby wakes during the session, I will do my best to keep in them in position and feed them. If you nursing, be prepared for extra feedings. Please bring a pacifier with you even if baby doesn't take one. They do help to settle baby if they are fussy.

Session Workflow

Please set aside 2-4 hours for your newborn session.

I always encourage parent and family photos. They are done at the beginning of the session. A solid white or black shirt for both Mom & Dad photograph best with my backdrop for these images. I promise to photograph both of you at flattering angles.

If there are older siblings that you would like to have photographed with your newborn, we will do these at the beginning of the session as well. For boys, please wear a plain coloured t-shirt and jeans. They can be bare chested if requested. For girls, please wear a top or dress with texture (lace, knit, etc). Girls can also be bare chested and have a wrap covering them.

Afterwards, I do encourage your spouse to leave with the older siblings to do something fun while I pose your newborn for their individual photos.

For the remainder of the session, it's all about baby. I will have 1-2 props set up & then I will place baby on my beanbag.

Safety of your newborn is my top priority. I will never put your baby in an unsafe position or continue to pose them if they are upset or in any discomfort.

It is important to me for your baby to look comfortable and peaceful and for each image to be a piece of art. I take my time to make sure every little finger and toe is positioned perfectly. I am a perfectionist and am very patient so it's not unusual for me to spend up to 20 minutes working to perfect one pose.

I supply all backdrops, props, bonnets, tiebacks and wraps. I have a style for my newborn photography that I keep consistent.

I will try my best to accommodate any special requests for photos, but please mention this before our session for us to discuss.

Thank you for choosing Amie Roberts Photography to capture your memories.

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