Defense of Donna Osborn By: OLU ALAO & SAM BODON


In the People of the State of New York V. Donna Osborn ,we find Donna Osborn actions an act of self defense. Donna Osborn was in an abusive relationship with Clinton Osborn Jr. When Donna Osborn was pregnant with Clint the 3rd the couple got into an argument; He pushed her down the stairs. What would you do if you were in the defendants position what would you have done? She had a son on the way ,and she was scared and didn't have anywhere to run to. Clint Osborn Jr. was abusing her for 3 years before she defended her self physically. Clint Osborn Jr. accused her many times of having an affair with a friend of hers named Jack Mathews. He verbally abused her calling her names. If you have a heart, you will have sympathy for the pain she went through.


My name is Samuele Bodon and as a lawyer I speak for the defense of Donna Osborn. I currently hold a chair at the School of Law in Chicago, Illinois. I graduated from Harvard in 1960, therefore I have more than 30 years of experience, and I have spoken for the defense of a lot of indicted. Although, I have to admit that the case of Donna Osborn is overall the one I've cared the most and felt it as the closest because I truly believe that her actions were nothing but legit defense: she was led to an extreme emotional disturbance, with the feeling of being aggressively "possessed" and "abused". Sometimes the tensions were even raised by physical violence that this women was victim of: Donna indeed reported to be violently assaulted with " a baseball bat thrown at her head" and she was also " pushed on the ground while [she] was pregnant" (Donna Osborn). Thus, in response of all the facts that occurred, I consider the actions committed by Donna Osborn excused. This statement is true to the best of my knowledge.


If someone tells you they are going to kill you with a baseball bat in their hand what would you do? Donna is a mother she has to not only protect herself from Clinton ,but she also must protect her son. When Donna shot Clinton she did it in self defense. Donna's life was at risk with no other option left for her. She was going through the abuse for a couple of years now and she was fed up. In the moment she had no where to run to; if she went and ran to the phone Clinton would have probably smashed her face in with the bat. She shot him to get out of the situation she was in. Lets compare this to a solider in war we send them to go defend themselves and our country at whatever cost.


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