a cardinal red night 2006 World Series Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old

For a young child to witness the magical game of baseball is something that nearly every kid and parent dream of, but to witness their all time favorite win the the World Series at their home stadium is beyond childhood wonder.

The St. Louis Cardinals have always been my all time favorite baseball team. I was raised a Cardinals fan and I will die a Cardinals fan. My family is originally from St. Louis so we have a natural love for the Cardinals and baseball in general.

Me at age 6 at my first Cardinals vs. Cubs game.

When I found out that I would get to see my all time favorite team play in the last two games of the World Series, I was beyond excited because I knew this wasn't going to be like any other game I've seen before.

Baseball Country

I have always loved going to St. Louis. Whether it's visiting family or seeing a ballgame, it's always an exciting thing. The city is a wonderful place because here in Indy, not too many people like the Cardinals, so to be in a city where everyone loves the Cardinals is like a second home to me. At the time, I've only seen a couple Cardinal games, but as of now I've seen countless. So to see two World Series games at my young age is a special and unique thing.

I drove down with my Grandpa to St. Louis where we would go to my Aunt's house. My Grandpa is a seasoned vet when it comes to baseball. He's been to countless World Series games, most of the Cardinal games. He has experienced time and time again incredible ball players and games. He's met arguably of the greatest Cardinal player and one greatest players to ever play baseball ever, Stan Musial.

Stan Musial (1942)
Game 4

Game 4 of the World Series would be my first World Series game. I could hardly contain my excitement, but that night the game was called because of bad weather.

The game would be played the next day and it was everything I imagined it to be. It felt like this was how the sport is really played. The Cardinals would come out victorious and Game 5, the final game of the World Series would be played the next day.

Rained out Game 4
Game 5

It was October 27th and it was time. One more win and the World Series title belonged to St. Louis. Everyone in the city knew what was at stake.

Game 5 National Anthem. My seats were to the left of the "Ford YOU" sign

This game was much more intense than the night before. The Cardinals took an early lead, but would give up two run to the Tigers. The Tigers would remain one run behind until the Cardinals scored again later in the game to make the score 4-2.

The Cardinals would bring out their closing pitcher Adam Wainwright to finish the job.

Adam Wainwright (Closing Pitcher)

It was the bottom of the 9th, everyone was on their feet and waving their rally rags around and around. Being in center field and seeing the entire stadium show such support for their favorite team is what makes baseball an American past time.

Only three outs were left until the World Series Trophy was in the St. Louis' hands. One out. Two outs. One out left. The whole stadium was erupting by now and you can feel the tension throughout the whole stadium, just waiting for that one last out. The whole stadium would light up with camera flashes of fan hoping to capture what could be the last pitch of the game.

Then it happened. The count was no balls and two strikes Adam threw a fastball down the middle and it was a swing and a miss. Strike three.


For a second I was struck on how loud it got when the ball met the catcher's mit. The entire place shook as the crowd jumped and cheered. Players were hugging and tackling each other as the Tigers walked off the field with their heads down.

People were hugging complete strangers and I was cheering with my family. After the celebration had calmed down, they brought out the trophy and awarded David Eckstein, the Cardinals shortstop, the MVP Award.

Albert Pujols (1st baseman) and Tony Larussa (Manager) holding the World Series Trophy

After the game, we left the stadium and people were still cheering like the last out had just happened seconds ago. Practically everyone I saw gave me a high five because they could probably relate to me having seeing my favorite team win the World Series.

My Dad and I before Game 5

This is easily the most memorable and exciting event in life to date. Even today I'm surprised that I can say "I was there." I will carry this memory with me forever and I really hope that I can one day experience this event again, but this time with someone very special in my life.


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