Chan By: Guadalupe Aguayo

Basically about this monster who lives in rivers and lakes in Mexico. And when you cross the river with your child you have to say, " vamonos" and the name of the child.

And they say that if you don't say that when you cross the lake or river, the child will wake up crying in the middle of the night. And the child won't stop crying until to take him/her back to the river, cross it again, and say, " vamonos" and then the name of the child.

I think the lesson of this would be is to take care of your children no matter what. For whatever reason, even in the most unreasonable situations.


Created with images by D-Stanley - "Sayulita River" • satanoid - "IMG_0028" • Vlynn - "child girl crying" • heikoc - "Mexico-033"

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