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Hurricane hazel flood
Hurricane hazel flood

Thanks for tuning in to Weston news today we take a look on Weston resident Lizzie Hardy and the two kids she has been babysitting David, and Suzie.

On october 15th,1954 Lizzie Hardy was babysitting David and his sister Suzie in Weston, Ontario at the McBrides House. You may know the McBrides from owning a business in Toronto. Lizzie is in grade 8, David is in grade 6 and his sister Suzie is in grade 2. David thinks that he is old enough to babysit by himself. But no.

The night started going wrong when the power went out and they couldn't watch tv, Lizzie was only in a good mood because the kids were distracted from the horrible storm by watching tv. When the tv went out Lizzie knew what was coming so she called her mom her mom told her to light candles and then the phone went dead.

The candles were all around the kitchen and they head eaten super and they didn't know when the McBride parents would be home so they went to sleep, everybody slept in there own bed except for Lizzie she slept on the couch. They all fell asleep to the rain sound crashing againsted the windows.

Lizzie was getting cold so she stood up to get a blanket in the middle of the night, when she stood up her feet shrivled up and here socks went drenched. She soon realized that the whole house was flooded with water. She didn't know what to do she grabbed two flashlights and when she turned around David was standing there splashing through water.

They didn't know what to do so they just looked at each other. Moments later the window cracked open and water flooded everywhere David and Lizzie flew into the stairs they ran up the stairs to get suzie. Suzie was sound asleep with the family Springer spaniel daisy all curled up at the end of the bed having no clue what was going on.

They woke suzie up and told her what was happening. She got really scared but Lizzie calmed her down they had no time to cry. They knew that the roof was the safest option. The only way they could get as high as roof was to go up to the rafters.

Once they finished struggling getting up the rafters they had created a hole they used a wooden plank to make dents witch eventually helped make holes.

They got suzie up on the roof first David followed up so Suzie wouldn't be alone. Lizzie followed up after Suzie and David got up sat on the top of the house like they were riding a horse Lizzie took Davids belt and wrapped it around Daisy's neck like a collor.

Lizzie jumped up and sat on the ledge of the hole, David reached out for daisy but daisy slipped right out of davids hands Lizzie reached out but daisy was already gone. She was gone in the food she was going to die.

It was sad but they had no time to waste they saw a house two houses down went off the foundation and floated away with the flood David checked and the water in the house had rised. They knew they had to do something they saw the family that was in the exact same position as them scared and on the top of a roof and they were about to die.

They were about to jump Lizzie saw a tree down stream and thought if they griped on to the tree they could stay there so they didn't get trapped on top of the house Lizzie told the kids she was going to go first so that she could catch them when they get close.

Lizzie jumped she was in the water and already frozen. She saw the tree it felt like she had been swimming in the water for an hour. She got to the tree and wrapped her legs around the big thick trunk

Lizzie saw the kids they were together side by side with fear in their eyes. Lizzie reached out and grabbed on to both kids in one arm they all climbed to the top.

They saw a light and waves that were creating pressure they didn't know what it was because it was dark and they were so tired. The light was getting closer and Brighter they could feel the water spinning in all different ways.

It was a boat with two men in the front they drove up to the tree and grabbed Suzie then David then Lizzie and then drove away and told them the were safe and they were going to be on dry land soon. They were taken home to Lizzie's house by a police officer.

Thanks for tuning in and learning about our three brave citizen heroes that we will look up to from now on now that they are safe.

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