SELFIES ON METAL Students use photo transfers to create school mural

April/May 2016 : Art students at Lake Worth High School, Lake Worth Florida, were introduced to state of the art DASSART™ photo transfer system by visiting artist, Christine Ellinghausen, as a combined grant project. Over 200 students shot digital media selfies which were then processed though Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and printed on DASSART™ Premium transfer film. In rotating class segments of 45 minutes in several segments over a week , students learned the application process with test images and then applied their portraits on to caustic distressed 5x7 aluminum plates.

Student images were processed on a 24" HP Z 3200 archival pigment digital printer. The DASSART™ Premium film was roll fed. In Adobe Photoshop a grid template was created for the images .
Students are equipped with a silicon baking mat workstations, minute timer, paper towel covered paint roller, DASSART™ WonderSauce™ releasing solution in a plastic jar which included a Jenn brand foam brush and a disposable drink lid to stave off evaporation.
Silicon baking mat workstation: the mat holds the aluminum plate in position and a chip clip at the edge holds the film.
Test strips for demo of process .
Test strips allow students to get a feel for the process before they apply their selfies.
These are test digital images applied to 2.5"x7" aluminum which also had radius edges for safety.
Students align their selfies on the etched aluminum plates and learn to see the graphic relationships...
Student selfie and ghost image on plate makes for special interest...
The addition of champagne mica to the WonderSauce™ , the water based releasing solution , adds a warm glow to what would have been a monochromatic image. The mica sauce also is more visible to beginning students so that they can gage the amount applied to the base plate. Wondersauce™ Clear and the light golden mica is the choice for this project.
This student shows his metal selfie and tile.
The more students worked on applications , the better the results! This young artist helped apply images to metal for missing students , perfecting her technique. The additional 6 images were all perfect!
Everyone learned that each step is important . Transfer film is pulled off ,"low and slow" at a diagonal so that the image will not be disrupted or damaged...
VIsiting artist, Christine and high school art teacher Jeniffer were excited to share this new photographic process with over 200 students. The WonderSauce™ DASSART™ process, invented by Bonny Lhotka, Boulder , Colorado, is safe for use in schools.

This grant was combined with 6x6 bisque tile illustrations . The goal was to allow students to see the relationship of several art processes , their digital images and a creative reimagining. The selfies allowed student to make an image and then expand it with a new processes, combining the sciences of photo transfers and ceramic under glazes with their personal expression. Their hands on envolment let students see and experience new ideas of how digital art can become real objects which can be appreciated . In an immediate world , with fleeting photo moments , the permanence of photos metal and hand illustrations on tile can remind students of the practical applications of making art .

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