Religion around the World a closer look into Hinduism, buddhism, Judaism, christianity, and islam

Traveling around the world to look at different religions is astonishing. The religions I visited this week were just so unique and beautiful that I didn't want to leave. The religions I visited were Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and lastly Islam. For each religion i stayed one day so it was only about 5 days in total so i wasn't totally immersed in the religions. I'll tell you how each stop went and what i learned!

Day 1: On the fist day on travelling, I went to India and it was so beautiful. Before learning about Hinduism, I went to go look at the Taj Mahal. Apparently, this temple was originally Hindu but became Muslim. I'm not exactly sure if this is true or not, but i wanted to go see if i could find any secret hindu artifacts. Being there and being surrounded by the different culture was just so eye-opening and gave me a new look on India. On the outside of the Taj Mahal, it looked like a huge beautiful castle, but when I went inside, it looked very mysterious and dungeon-like. I wondered around for a while until I realized it was about 3 p.m. so I found my way out and I went to go search for food near me. I ended up finding this really cute place called, "Cafe Coffee Day". I got a Coffee and a sandwich which was really good and just caught my breath for a little bit. Around 4:30, i went to go meet some people that would teach me more about their religion and their practices. I met up with them in a small home where they then proceeded to preform the ritual "puja" where they honor or worship a god or goddess. Of course I didn't do the ritual with them because first, i know i would mess up, and two, i didn't know it. But they did the ritual and it was very cool to see them do on a weekly to monthly basis. We then talked about their religion and further educated me on the subject. Around the time 8, we parted ways and i went back to my hotel to sleep a little bit, and then pack for my next flight (which was at 5 a.m).

Photos of india: Taj Mahal & Puja Ritual

Day 2: On the second day, I started my day at 11 a.m because the flight was delayed, but I went to Thailand and it was amazing. In Thailand, I was going to learn about Buddhism. I was pretty behind schedule so i quickly unpacked and i went to Wat Saket, which looked very elegant and beautiful. Lots of people were worshiping so i left early because i didn't want to disturb them. After that i went back to my room to go have lunch and recover, then i went to go meet up with some old friends that i haven't seen in forever. Once i met up with them, we first caught up a little, and then we went to a room to meditate. They told me that its a way to relieve all the stress and bad energy in your body so of curse i was up for the offer. Meditation is truly an amazing thing. I can't describe it, but it gave me tranquility and i might even take this as a hobby. After meditating( about 7 p.m. ), we said our goodbyes and I went back to my hotel to hopefully get more sleep before i had to go on another flight to a whole new place. Even though i couldn't have spent as much time here as i wanted, it was still an amazing trip and i would love to come back one day.

Photos of Thailand: Wat Saket & Meditating

Day 3: Today i was really exited because i got to go to a place i have been wanting to go to for quite a while now. I got to go to Israel for the religion, Judaism!!! When I got off the flight( 5 a.m. ) i decided to get some sleep in my room first. I then got up around 10 A.M. and first went to go see someone who would show me their practices. When i arrived to her house, we talked about ourselves and got to know one another more. One of the practices were only eating kosher foods. At first i was very skeptical because i'm a pretty picky person not going to lie, but when she brought out a burger, i was very confused. She proceeded to teach me about what kosher actually is and that was an eye opener. When i took a bite of that burger, it tasted like heaven. It wasn't any ordinary burger you find at McDonald's or Five Guy's, this burger tasted like it was genuine. Words can't describe how it tasted and how i felt eating it. It might sound weird, but this is how i felt about it. When it was time for me to leave and go on to my next adventure, we exchanged numbers and said our goodbye's. My next stop was The Temple Mount. I knew i couldn't stay longer than an hour because it was sunset at this point and i needed rest before my next flight. The Temple Mount was very beautiful in so many ways that i can't describe. I guess you could say its modern, yet authentic.After visiting i went straight to the hotel because i couldn't walk anymore. My feet hurt so badly!!! I crawled into bed and then woke up at 3 A.M. to go catch another flight. I love flying, but doing it day after day gets exhausting, trust me.

Photos of Israel: The Temple Mount & My Kosher Burger

Day 4: On the 4th day, i went to China, and i went to go see the Christianity. I am Christian, it wasn't anything new, but its very cool to see how others do certain things. Once I got there, It was already 1:30 P.M, but it was convenient because i had enough time to do the things i wanted to do since i was going to do this adventure on my own and discover the practices as i go along. My first stop today was the Hong Kong China Temple. On the outside of this building, it looked white, but with rectangular holes at the top, shining a bright beautiful light threw them. Just the outside of this church made me happy. As i walked in, it looked like any church i have ever gone to. It felt like i was at home and i felt really welcomed. When they started the ceremony, it was so nice to see everyone being so interested, so involved. Just sitting there, listening to everyone greet each other with kind hearts, just made me have a warm feeling. It was pretty long, but i enjoyed every second of it. And i have to admit, i was scared at first, going alone to a church you've never once step foot in. But when i walked in, i was greeted with smiling faces, as everyone else. The prayers were beautiful and very nice also. They prayed for everyone to be happy, safe, and to live the best life they've ever had and i thought that was wonderful. After the ceremony, i went to walk the streets, see new things, and to just live in the moment. After that, i then went back to my hotel and fell asleep with a huge grin on my face. This was probably my favorite day out of these 5 days because I was on my own, learning more about my own religion.

Photos from China: The Hong Kong China Temple & Random Pictures I Took Roaming Around

Day 5: This was my last day exploring different religions and this religion is the newest compared to all the others. I went to Indonesia to learn about the religion Islam. Also, i decided to participate in the islamic tradition, "Ramadan" and i was starving the whole day. The first thing i did the last day was go to a temple called Istiqlal Mosque and to me, it kinda looked like a court house. I'm not sure why i thought that, it just kind of came to mind when i saw it. But on the inside, i saw many people praying and worshiping. It was very calming and quiet in there as well. I walked around there for a little bit, and i talked to some people about my adventures and asked them questions. After talking for probably a solid 20 minutes, they wanted to show me one of the practices they do, and that practice happened to be Ramadan. They taught me more about the religion and offered me to stay with them for the feast they had. Of course i said yes, because since it was my last day travelling, i decided to go off with a bang! We talked and talked until it finally was time to eat food. I was more than starving so i gobbled so much food down in such little time, same with most of the people there. Sadly, i had to end the night early because of my flight. Since i lost track of time, i had 4 hours till i had to be on my flight which meant no sleep for me. This week was astonishing for me and i'm so glad i decided to go through with this idea. I hope one day, ill do this again.

Photos of Indonesia: Istiqlal Mosque & Ramadan Feast


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