Gap Years Before College Research argument

Travel can open your eyes to new and exciting things you have never experienced before. It helps you to grow, mature, and widen your perspective of the world around you.
A gap year before college is most definietly consider to be the "road less traveled" in the United States, but it is 100% worth the risk of putting yourself out there and stepping out of your comfort zone.
Gap years expose you to new cultures, languages, and people. Learning how to interact with all kinds of people, no matter who they are, is an important life skill to have which most students do not have the chance to develop before college.
The chance to travel and see the world is one that should not be taken lightly. Experience are what makes a person who they are. Through travel and adventure one finds themselves, determines their goals and purpose in life, and gains intellect others will never posses.
A gap year gives you time to rest before college. You get to take a break from school and truly focus on your goals and aspirations. When you come back and enroll as a college student you will be more focused, motivated, and sure of what your purpose is and what you are working towards.


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