Grind Culture: The Silent Epidemic by Hollie Saunders

What’s the difference between an accidental dance rub and a fully-fledged crotch to backside violation? We start our story on the Rubix dance floor. Mid-boogie, a hand abandons its Heineken for a short while to place itself on your waist, providing leverage to go in for the kill.

Clubs worldwide are facing a silent epidemic. Keen individuals either believe that others enjoy being thrusted on by a stranger or don’t care to think about it. The smell of desperation is potent from people that go out solely for the purpose of bringing someone home, and the reinforced mentality of desirability makes said offenders unapologetic. Since coming to university, I have met an alarming number of people (mostly men) who hold traditional views of women and claim that some girls ‘just like being objectified’ (yes, an actual quote). This mentality is reflected in the grind culture in clubbing.

To what extent is club rubbing acceptable? A recent study by the Edith Cowan University suggests that ‘groping, grinding and grabbing’ outside of that environment would be considered criminal, however we are now criticised by peers for being too prudish. As a result, the frequency of the issue coupled with the encouragement not to report has led to a normalisation. So, the odd grab has become less of a shock and more of a nuisance.

A solution? The adolescent sex drive shouldn’t be supressed, however a better education on when to act on it may be useful. Although the much-loved tea video is a fun cartoon, real life stories should be shared to create an awareness and a sense of reality. Another idea would be to put an ‘Ask Angela’ system into place at the university. Already in action in bars and pubs in town, customers are able to find safety in asking for Angela at the bar to stress that they feel threatened or uncomfortable in order for them to call a taxi or help them leave discretely.

A consideration for personal space regarding grabbing and non-consensual grinding in these kinds of environments would be appreciated – it’s not getting you anywhere.


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