Hitler´s Rise Ben smith

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1899 in a small village called Braunau, in Austria. His family was slightly poor at the time and did not have much money. In his early years, he always thought of himself as someone who lost a lot, or had bad luck. For example, when he was only four years old, his father named Alois Hitler died of a lung hemorrhage. Around two years later in 1905, him and his mother moved to Vienna, where he acquired his anti-semitic beliefs.

Only 2 years later, in 1907 his mother, Klara, had felt incredibly painful stomach pain. She went to a see doctor to see what the problem was with her stomach. She needed immediate surgery to keep the stomach pain away. She did the surgery which didn't help her much, and she was still dealing with pain until her death on December 21st, 1907. This made Hitler furious at the doctor who told her to get the surgery. The doctor was also Jewish, and this started his hatred against the jews.

After his mothers death, he wanted to be an artist. He wanted to go to a school of arts, but sadly they rejected him from coming there because they thought his paintings were not the right type of art they wanted to see at this school. This also made Adolf think he was a loser. 7 years had passed, and in 1914-1918, he was a soldier for Germany in World War 1. When the Germans lost, he blamed it on Jews because he thought they did not help Germany in WW1.

After all of his losses, fails, and unlucky moments in life, he thought the world was unfair. He then met up with other people who had problems like him in the early 1920s, and started the Nazi party. His goal with the Nazi party was to overthrow the government in Munich, Germany. The party was beginning to get slightly popular in Munich, but the popularity fell when Hitler was arrested when he did a speech about it in Munich. Though when he got out, it began to rise more until almost all of Munich knew about it. Hitler was also becoming politically popular around Germany. Hitler than ran for president, but lost. this made Hitler and his supporters of the Nazi party furious, and then rose even more.

Then, on August 19th, 1934, Hitler was elected to be Chancellor of Germany. This meant he was in complete power, and almost all of Germanys population was a Nazi supporter. A year before this on March 20th, the Nazis opened the Dachau concentration camp. A concentration camp is a place where they tortured Jews, people with mental or physical disabilities, etc.

In 1939, World War 2 had started. At the start, Germany made allies with Italy and Japan and formed the Axis Powers. They started off in the lead and were one of the most powerful countrys from 1939-June 6th 1944. On June 6th 1944, the allied powers invaded Normandy, at Nazi-Occupied France.

As the allied powers were invading France and were close to Hitlers underground bunker, he and his wife committed suicide, and the Nazi party had come to an end. All concentration camps were liberated by the soviets. Over six million jews and others were killed in the camps. This was known as the holocaust, and was one of the most depressing times in 1900s.

EXTRA FACTS:Hitler's name might've been "Adolf Schnicklgruber" if his father didn't change his last name in 1877. A British soldier saved Hitlers life in WW1.

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