Our Nation's Hero Andrew jackson

Andrew Jackson, the protector the common man, established economic democracy for all. The Bank of the United States was discriminating the common man. Therefore Andrew Jackson vetoed the bank's renewal in 1832, and removed funeral funds and spread the money throughout several state banks.

During Andrew Jackson's presidency he fired a total of ten corrupt officials. One of Jackson's goals as president was to cleanse the government of corrupt officials and get the country out of debt, and he did just that. In fact, Andrew Jackson is the only president who got America out of National debt.
"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in", Andrew Jackson. Jackson started moving west, so Americans can could have fertile land for farming, and more room for the Industrial Revolution.
Yes, many Indians were moved, which lead to the trail of tears, however Andrew Jackson was the not the president who carried out the trail of tears. Martin Van Burren was the president who executed the moving of the Cherokee Indians.
Andrew Jackson has a caring heart. He adopted many children including Native Americans. Lyncoya and Andrew Jr. are two of Jackson's adopted Native American children. Lyncoya's mother had died and Jackson saved him from being an orphan like himself when he was just fourteen.
Andrew Jackson, the hero of our nation.

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