If you love yourself kill yourself.

When I was 24 years ago, I went to Taj Mahal and met one family, I felt in love with their daughter. That’s the first time I experience love. I don’t know much about love. I kept it inside my mind, I couldn’t tell her, it’s improper for the monk. We did a lot of good things toward each other. She helped me improve my English, even she’s Thai. Her English is really good. I didn’t contact each other for many years. I feel good anytime I thought about her, because I had a good intention toward her.

My close friend who passed away several years ago taught me on occasion when he came to me. I thought that was valentine day. He questioned me “ tell me about this poem, if you love yourself kill yourself.”

I’m not so sure about the answer. I think it’s weir to kill yourself and it is against the religious teaching. I don’t know much about love, I know loving-kindness.

He answered that kill yourself means kill your ego, kill your selfish, kill your hatred. That is the part of yourself.

- I used to asked my master that did you ever love someone in your life ? “Yes” he answered.

- There are two kinds of love or love 2 G, first one is love to get, and second is love to give. What is the difference between the two.

- Love to get means when you love someone or something you really want that person to suite you and make you happy. If not you turn your love into hatred or anger. Sometime we called a romantic love.

- Love to give means when you love someone or something, you want that person to be happy, to succeed in their life, you’re always there for them.

- He said that as human beings you can improve from love to get to love to give.

- In experience I come to realize that love to give or loving-kindness makes my heart fell right and happy. We can love anyone no matter where they come from and which tribe they belong to. Because they are our brother and sister.

- Love, Love, and Love better.

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