Beijing,China By,Michael M

Beijing has different places that you might want to see from the ''Great Wall of China'' to the ''Forbidden City''/ Tiananmen Square.

Tiananmen square
Great wall of China
Forbidden City

The cost of the trip to

But to stay at these places is to find the best hotels like Park Hyatt Beijing hotel, Regent Beijing hotel, and Legendale Beijing hotel. I would have chosen Legendale hotel because it is only $148 and it has better house cleaning and a pool.

Legendale Hotel

Beijing also has one of the best cuisine that you might like to eat. One of the food you can eat is roast duck, Hot Pot ( Cold weather meal). It also has American food like T.G.I Fridays, and Grandma's kitchen. I would have chosen Hot pot because it has delicious flavors that others might want to eat.

Hot Pot
Roast Duck

There is many places that you can visit like The Great wall, Tiananmen Square or the Forbidden city. Each of these places are interesting with history, like the Great Wall was built to defend their self from enemies ( can stretch 370 mi, or 600 kilometers ). Tiananmen Square represent the heroes of China also known as the '' Great hall of the people'' with the ceremony flag, and was built during the Ming Dynasty ( 1368 A.D. to 1644 A.D.). And the Forbidden city tells about different emperors, how it was built during (1368- 1644) during the Qing Dynasty. I would have chosen the Great wall because I want to know the stories and how it represent China.

Great Wall

Beijing,China also has beautiful places that you can visit while in Beijing, like the Natural beauties art, the scenic spot, or temples. The Natural beauties art has amazing artwork that you can take pictures and it is also big. The temples are amazing because the temples were built long ago, and the Scenic has museums zoo's or aquarium. I would have chosen Scenic spot because it is a great place to show how the place was created.

Scenic spot

One of China's history spot that you can travel to is the Ming Tombs.The Ming tombs tells about the Ming Dynasty also like the tombs represent the resting spot of each the 13 emperors that once live there. It can also cover 120 area square (46.3 miles).It is also where most emperors was buried from 1368-1644.

I would have chose the tombs because I would like to know about the emperors history.

The Ming tombs

The climate of Beijing today is 51 degrees Farenhiet but it can also reach to 80 degrees to. I would have chosen this place because it can be hot or cold if you journeey there.


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