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Welcome to my Learning Journal. Just so you know where I am coming from, I am an artist, painter, both traidtionally and digitally, mostly using my iPad for the digital. I belong to a co-op gallery where I regularly show my work. I have many years of experience as an art educator, primarily in HS. I currently teach Studio Art in a 5-12, Apple Distinguished School in Philadelphia, PA (USA) where technology is integrated in to everything we do, especially the studio.

What is Personal Branding?

Just a short video speaking to the topic of personal branding. This was recorded on my iPad with Sketchbook andimovie. Unfortunately no Adobe products were used. Enjoy.

Assignment 1:

Create a head shot. This seemed pretty straight forward. The only prtoblem I faced was looking at myself. It was fun shaving a few years off with the spot heal and blur tools. The top one fits the criteria for the Digital Me requirements best but I would probably never use that one. I feel like it looks like a school portrait. The beige background is not me. In the second one I put myself in front of one of my digtial paintings. I had to adjust brightness and saturation in areas as to not detract too much from my face. I feel this one better reflects my interests, talents and personality, while staying professional.

Assignment 2

Creating a CV in InDesign. This was extremely time consuming and I am not sure I would use this. Pros: I like the color it reflects me. It is based on my artwork wihich is good. In it's Interactive PDF form it has links to various sites. And I do feel it is clean. Cons: I think it is still text heavy yet I deleted a lot of text so I don't feel like it tell my whole story. My whole exhibition experience is replaced with a button. I would be afraid that I am not properly selling myself. The links do take reader to my content but, would they take the time to click all the links, Not sure. I do feel like I am getting better with InDesign although I have never found it intuitive. I also have questions about using my headshot. Since I am on the "more experienced" level, I would not want to be dismissed for age or look. All in all this made me rethink the way I can present myself. And I probably will replace text with graphics in my "real" CV...revising more after this course.

Assignment 3

Design a Logo. I actually had a lot of fun doing this. The biggest challenge was narrowing down my ideas. I started with my name, my signature. But that seemed weird to just have my name, even a well designed signature. So I dug deeper and started listing everything I felt connected to, spirals, I always draw them, gears for thinking and creativity a brush for art. I think as an art educator I use the tools of the trade to challenge think and expand creativity. As a painter, I LOVE color, but tried just add a splash and keep the rest more graphic. Last step I added the text. I am not 100% sure of the placement but I do like the font and the bars. I also think the logo could live by itself without the text.

I learned a little more about Illustrator. I think this is a project I will do with all my seniors, but probably using Adobe Draw instead of Illustrator. Or maybe open up Illustrator for those who want the challenge.

Assignment 4

I really like It is pretty easy to use and the import from Behance made it quick to upload content. It did take me awhile to change fonts and color as I fumbled throught getting familiar. I still have lots of work to, but it is a start. I do not currently have CC, still on CS6. I am not sure if I will make the investment to publish as there are many other free sites out there. I do like that it is connected to the Behance community. One thing I want to do is spruce up my Behance page. I will be using Behance for my graduating seniors to share their work.

Assignment 5

For the formative assessment in Spark I used an old student digital portfolio. Four years ago my Freshman made portfolios on Google sites, they were quite progressive at the time :) This year they will graduate with a Behance portfolio which I would love to share but they are still building. Spark is a good platform for reflection, adding a personal touch to assessment. In reality I would probably never actually do this at most, once a year. As easy as Spark is to use it is still time consuming when you have a full class load. Assessment is the bane of my existence as a teacher, I would rather focus on the learning. I find myself always trying to streamline my process, giving each student specific feedback without investing hours of time. Finding balance is a challenge.

Final Thoughts

In closing this was another terrific Adobe experience. As I have found before taking courses during the school year does not afford me the time I would like to more fully develop my assets, but does allow for experience and growth and relevant take aways. I will revisit all of this work over the summer to get them to a point I feel they fit my needs and reflect my professional profile. I will be integrating much of what I learned here into my Senior Studio Arts class. As part of their capstone project, I will have them create a Behance portfolio, where they can add a headshot profile picture, their resume, and create a business card, with logo of course, to share, tangibly. This is just what I was looking for and came at the perfect time. It is always good to be back in the role of a student. One, it affords me time to solve creative challenges, that's the fun part. It also reminds me of the demands students juggle with time, and confidence and ability to engage with material. So I leave more aware, more empathic, and more prepared. Grateful to all the constructive feedback from classmates and instructors.


Laurie Doran

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