Point Of View Erik Dearborn

Walter Cunningham's Quarter

Walter Cunnigham, Quarter- Miss.Caroline began to walk around looking in lunches, she looked disgusted at some of them, but i didn't have to worry 'bout that 'cause i didn't have one. But when she come to me and didn't see a lunch she tried to give me a quarter to buy one.But i wasn't going to take it. My dad always said that if you cant pay it back, don't take it, it would make us look bad. So i told her no, she didn't like that and still tried to give it to me. I guess she didn't know that i wouldn't be able to pay her back. luckily scout stepped in and tried to help me out, i thought that was very nice of her but miss caroline didn't. she hit scout on the hand with a ruler. She just doesn't get how we live round here.

Atticus, stray dog- And there it was, a stray mad dog that Scout and Jem had told me about. It was unusual for the time of year but it indeed was there. Heck came with a gun being the only way to get rid of old Tim Johnson. He was a good distance off though and i, knowing Heck the way i do, know that he's no good of a shot. But i never expected him to ask me to take the shot, i didn't want to. I don't like the power a gun gives you, it leaves the animal with no fighting chance. But Heck knew that I was the best shot in town. I had kept it a secret from scout and Jem up to this point, but there was no way around it now.

Tom before death- The Jury had come to the conclusion I had known that they would. Atticus did everything in his power to lead them in the right direction but its hard to lead a blind man with your actions. He was going to try for an appeal that I thought would never come. While being transported to the prison the deputy turned his back and I ran for it, I ran like a mad man. This was my only chance, either I would make it here or never see the good light of day again.

Deputy when Tom was shot- I had him shackled up, any smart man would stay put so I felt okay turning my back to him. But he took off, I yelled for him to stop but he was running too fast. I told one of the others to shoot to injure but he missed and hit him in the back. That was the lat of 'im.

Bob Ewell, Attacking kids- I hadn't been through with the finches, aint nobody gonna put my good name up against a Negros. Atticus thought he was gon' get by like that. Nah, i would get 'im. I stumble'd cross Scout and Jem one night and couldn't take it no more. I foll'd 'em through the woods a way and went after them. I took care of jem first but when i took hold 'o scout, somebody took hold of me. Never seen him before but he was't messin' round'. Next thing i knew there was a big 'ol knife in my chest.

Boo Radley saving Kids- Those finch kids were the curious type, not to say i wasn't. Halloween night i saw them walking through the woods and watched them through the window. Something seemed wrong though. Then I saw that rotten Ewell come after them. I grabbed a knife and ran out. I did what i had to do, and kinda wanted to do, to keep them safe. I never got that knife back.

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