Malaysia and International perspective on Conservation and Challenges of Management for Sustainable Forest Muhammad Nasirruddin Bin Mohd Nor

International Perspective on SFM Conservation and Challenges
Since the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992, the major challenges facing SFM include the need to reduce deforestation and forest degradation through ensuring the sustainability of forest resources, to protect and conserve biological diversity and ensure the sustainable use of the genetic resources, and to enhance the full valuation of forest goods and services.
Malaysia Perspective on SFM Conservation and Challenges
🌿Reforestration and diversification of forest plantation programmes should be expanded to produce higher value of specialised species 🌿preparation of forest management plans, harvesting plans and reforestration plans should be in consultation with state government and the relevant concessionaires to ensure their effective implementation 🌿harvesting and reforestration technologies must be refined through operational studies toachieve higher efficiency 🌿
Overall challenges on SFM
🌿sustained political will by countries and support of the international community are required for the implementation of SFM practices, particularly in developing countries including those with low forest cover🌿weak forest governance and law enforcement, including corruption and fraud, and continuing exploitation of nominally protected forests, remain as challenges in the forestry sector🌿
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