Celebrating our SFB heroes (SCROLL DOWN)

We’ve had a fantastic response to our request for your SFB hero nominations. Meet our SFB heroes below

#endPJparalysis team on 10N ward at the Royal Free Hospital

It’s been fantastic working with this multi-disciplinary group of staff (Rosie, Eduarda, Tina, April and Pedro to name a few) who are so committed and enthusiastic about driving forward change and ending PJ paralysis!

They’ve made a huge impact with their enthusiasm and generated a real interest and buzz in the #endPJparalysis campaign. They’ve helped to raise awareness among all staff on their ward, prompting them to ask themselves: “Why is my patient still in bed?” and have already seen an increased number of patients being mobilised when it is safe to do so.

#endPJparalysis is so important as it’s all about getting patients up, dressed and moving so they are not bed bound and helps patients to not become deconditioned.

10N ward team at the Royal Free Hospital

10N is role modelling in terms of discharge planning and efficiency of safe discharges. We have experienced an increase in our weekly discharges, alongside with safe care plans to be followed in the community, resulting in safer discharge planning and increases patient and staff satisfaction.

10 North was one of the first wards to pilot the red and green days system and we are also involved in few quality improvement projects, including #endPJparalysis. 10 North MDT is working as a team to ensure our patients are receiving the best level of care and can be discharged in the safest way.

Elizabeth Richmond, ward administrator on Spruce ward at Barnet Hospital

“Elizabeth has a great understanding of the red and green data and is always willing to help others and show them how to complete it. She communicates well within her team and with other colleagues.”

Lucy Edmonds, flow co-ordinator at Barnet Hospital

"Lucy is an enthusiastic and dynamic flow co-ordinator. She has made a massive difference in ensuring that her patients go home for lunch, including removing cannulas. She has been working with the clinicians to prep their TTAs the day before discharge which has made a real impact."

Willow ward team at Barnet Hospital

“I am proud of the way ward manager Liz Pollard and the whole team has embraced the red to green patient status and board rounds, especially when there are so many different clinical teams involved in the care of their patients.”

Mohammad Noor, senior matron, renal and urology at the Royal Free Hospital

“Noor has worked hard to educate and engage staff. His success has been achieved by involving the whole team. By thanking and encouraging staff they feel motivated and this has resulted in good compliance results.”

Rosie Skrypak, health services for elderly people (HSEP) clinical lead, Alisha Ali, senior matron - cardiology, HSEP and TREAT, Chito Gabutin, ward manager and Tracey Price, flow coordinator, on 8W ward at the Royal Free Hospital

“The 8W team are doing innovative and creative work to try and improve flow on their wards like developing a hard drive for the (HSEP) discharge paperwork and developing clear roles and responsibilities for each member of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT).Discharge planning training for the MDT has already started and has been well received.”

Chloe Belchak, discharge co-ordinator, Royal Free Hospital

“She’s very thorough with her job. She makes sure that our patients are always discharged safely.”

Caterina Falce, matron for hepatology/HPB surgery at the Royal Free Hospital

“Caterina has attended board rounds to get engagement from the multi-disciplinary teams. She clearly explained the value of red and green days and has worked with staff to get them to “own it”."

Simon McCann, band 6 nurse on Juniper ward at Barnet Hospital

Simon with team on Juniper ward

“There is no one quite like Simon. He has loads of enthusiasm, thinks out the box and always puts the patients first in a lively and inquisitive way. He also understands how important it is for us to make sure a patient is not kept in hospital for longer than they need be and how red to green can help this process.

He is well liked and well known for his different way of thinking and how he challenges situations. He is also good fun which adds to team dynamics when keeping staff motivated.”

Jeffrey Adu-Twum, discharge co-ordinator on 8E ward at the Royal Free Hospital

“Jeffrey is always helpful with enquiries about our complex discharges. He works alongside the nurse in charge and is a really important part of our team. He’s a legend!”

Tim Gluck, consultant physician and geriatrician at Barnet Hospital

“Tim is always very proactive and happy to help with planning and making decisions.”

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