Cleveland Underrated Cleveland on a come back

Progressive field
Many things to do in town

Cleveland was full of industry jobs that were good enough. You could get a job right out of high school and be set for life.

The jobs left and went over seas, crashing Cleveland, Ohio. Making Cleveland average yearly income one of the lowest in the country. When the jobs left, so did the people. Then crime and drugs took over really hurting Cleveland even more.

When I thought it was over Cleveland was the next Detroit, but then something changed. Downtown started cleaning up. Aquarium, the Rock Hall, Casino, and nicer resturants I started feeling proud, I have never felt before.

The Cav's and Indians have really changed the feeling of this town. The Cav's winning the championship, then the Indians almost winning the World Series has made Clevelanders feeling the sense of pride. Like the losing course is over. Cleveland is a diamond in the rough.

All the museums, sports teams, casino, lakes and shopping stores, Clevelanders are staying busy. I love Cleveland, it is my home. This is the time for Cleveland to shine!


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