Project 3 By kyle martel

The purpose of Project three is to get hands on experience with designing and manufacturing parts. Design For Manufacturing or (DFM) is the act of turning a design or idea into a product that could be mass produce and sold to consumers. In order to do this you need to have fast reproduction and a reasonable profit margin. We used four different types of machines throughout this project. These included the SRM-20, a subtractive manufacturing CNC mill, The Makerbot Replicator, An FDM 3d printer, Makerbot SLA, an SLA printer, and the VLS 4.60, a laser cutter. The SRM-20 can only produce one order at a time in our case. the finished product is also finished with jagged edges. The FDM 3D printer takes a long time but can fit many orders at once. The material is cheap and the finished product needs to be touched up. The SLA 3D printer is spot on. After cleaning up the exterior base, the product is smooth . Material for this is quite expensive. Last but not least the Laser cutter is very quick at what it does. It finished my product in about 30 seconds and meanwhile cut 4 other products. The SRM-20 would be hard to mass produce products because of the time it takes to complete something. You could speed up this process if you could fit multiple parts into one cut. Unless cut directly vertical of horizontal, the edges appear to be somewhat jagged and unsmooth, because of this it would require extra time to sand down the edges and such.The SLA printer is the one machine I didn't use because I chose the FDM printer. The SLA printer takes a while to heat up and then complete the print. I takes the longest compared to the FDM printer. The resign required to make the part is also very expensive. After the part is done there is a webbed base attached to the product which is an extra step that requires labor to remove. The FDM printer uses cheap material and can easily create multiple products at once. My print came out very sloppy but was made much quicker and cheaper than the SLA printer. The FDM printer created multiple products at once which was great because physical items were mass produced. The Laser cutter is the most efficient machine of them all. The laser cutter is the most expensive machine, but it is also the fastest and cheapest to manufacture parts. My part was produced in 30 seconds while 4 other products were produced at the same time. However, the laser cutter makes a completely different product that any of the other machines because it is laser cut. I believe that the laser cutter could mass produce parts much more efficently than any other machine.

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