Our Florida Adventure December 2016 •Miami•SouthBeach•CoralSprings• •Ft.Lauderdale•KeyLargo•

Day 1: The Flight

I practically jumped out of bed today, a little anxious about flying but filled with a TON of excitement about this week!!!

Ty finds out not 2 hours before we have to leave for the airport that our flight was cancelled. He spent the morning pulling strings as I shoved all of my shit into my Jansport (last minute of course).

Then somehow, probably using some sort of sorcery magic, he got us another flight for today!

I was (admittedly) a little anxious about flying and our new seats were far apart. Until... we got lucky and my boarding pass was replaced with a seat next to his! I was so grateful.

Like WHAT?! Karma (& magic) are real.

Once we got in our hotel, we immediately hit the liquor and got saucy haha. I'm not a big drinker but hey, first time and first night in beautiful Miami (plus some beer pong action) had me LIIIIT.

Day 2: Visiting Mama

On day 2 we drove to Coral Springs to visit my Mom. The three of us hit Red Reef Park for some snorkeling... the sunshine & ocean was beauuutiful but snorkeling was pretty much a fail.

First of all we saw zero coral haha, second the riptide was sooo powerful & legit almost drowned my Mom... but no worries my lifeguard skills got us to shore (barely haha)

We got out and chilled out on the beach which was beyond heavenly. Beach in December?! I still can't get over it.

My barnacle boy found a flip flop with a ton of live barnicles on it which was the coooolest thing.

After the beach,we met my Mom & her boyfriend Joe in Ft. Lauderdale for dinner & cake. I haven't seen her since she moved to FL 6 months ago, so getting together for some pre-birthday fun was a huuuge treat for both of us.

Day 3: Birthday!

So anyone who knows me knows I'm always wayyyy hype on my birthday. Spending my day in the Miami sun took me to the next hype level, but knowing Ty had a surprise activity planned made my hype skyrocket out of control!

It was over an hour drive in the rental but we were pumped. Miami culture is so rich and energizing, jamming out to latin music the whole way was the best idea.

Before I knew it, I started seeing signs for the Florida Keys! I had no idea what to expect.

We rolled up to a place called Sundivers in Key Largo-- I almost crapped my pants haha. We boarded a boat, journeyed a half hour into the ocean, & snorkeled in the most incredible some coral reefs!!!

What. An. Adventure!

I can't even describe how serene yet exciting the experience was.

We saw dozens of species of beautiful fish, schools of barracuda, a big fat grouper, AND... wait for it... a shark! He was at least 6 ft. long and about 15 ft. away from me. Totally harmless, but I'm still pretty proud of myself for not freaking out! LOL

I spy with my little eye...
a freakin nurse shark!

The boat ride back from the reef was beautiful. The sun was setting and we got lucky by scoring the top deck to ourselves for a while. So romantic.

We ended the night at one of Ty's favorite restaurants, Sundowners. The decor had a very cuban/havana style vibe, complete with strung light fixtures overhead-- We sat outside on the water. The food and atmosphere were incredible.

My super planner, genius-boy boyfriend pulled off a perfect birthday filled with so much love and adventure. I couldn't have dreamed of anything more.

Day 4: Time to Relax

After traveling to Coral Springs, Ft. Lauderdale, and Key Largo in 2 days, we were both so ready for some relaxation.

We took it easy all morning before walking down to South Beach to grab some food and drinks.

South Beach was fantastic! I still can't get over all of the contagious, fun energy surrounding the strip.

We stumbled upon Mangos, recommended by Angela's bf Chris. Such a crazy coincidence we had to try it! The food and drinks were delicious.

Highlights: We held parrots AND like 5 of the waiters/waitresses cranked up the music and performed for the passer-bys. Such good vibes at this place!

We decided to recover from our food comas on the beach. It was a little chilly and started to drizzle which was a bummer, luckily the water was super warm and we ran in. Ain't no weather gonna stop us!

The heated infinity pool at our hotel was our final stop for the day. After the little swim we went back to the room & ordered pizza delivery--we were too beat and had to leave for the airport at 4AM!

No sleep, no worries, no complaints. I spent the entire plane ride writing this (& watching my cutie sleep). And such perfect timing because we JUST landed safely.

After all these words, I still can't think of a perfect one to describe this vacation. All i know is it was very, very special to me.

I dedicate this page to my hunnie: without you working so hard and doing your best to meet my every single need, this trip wouldn't have been nearly as magical.

Thank you, Ty, for expanding my horizons in so many ways. I love you.

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