Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Maleke orozco

Nature on Display

The display showing the different sized shark jaws throughout history really piqued my interest about the natural world because it shows how sharks, along with the rest of nature, have evolved over time. Standing in front of the massive jaws of the extinct Megalodon made me realize how much change has come to the natural world. The realistic exhibits really enhanced my experience at the museum because they allowed me to create an image of the past that I could not make before.

Nature and Ethics

The section of the museum that displayed the Indian shelter gave me a sense of admiration for the land. This display showed how the Indians used the land to develop such commodities like houses and canoes. The display also allows visitors of the museum to connect with nature because of the realistic depictions of animals and other aspects of the natural world in that era. After leaving this display, I realized that in today's world there is not enough appreciation for the land. The Indians used to depend on the land and now we our kind of taking advantage of it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Butterfly Rainforest in the museum helps visitors to enjoy the mystery and majesty of the natural world. The Rainforest takes visitors out of their ordinary lives because the display allows visitors to view many different species of butterflies under a single roof. Some butterflies are hard to find in public and the museum makes it possible to view them. The display of cocoons outside the exit of the Butterfly Rainforest shows the mystery of the natural world as it displays the natural life stages of a butterfly. These life stages are an extraordinary phenomenon of the natural world.

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