Assignment 4: Moodboard + Style Tile + Layout

For the final project, I chose not to deal with redesigning Kaiser Permanente’s website other than to make a structural change to the top global navigation for UX/UI purposes. For this exercise however, I have made some note of where Kaiser may want to review their site’s visual design.

Before login, the Kaiser Permanente web site’s landing page is quite beautiful and engaging. Upon logging in, it is rather visually sterile. It uses blue on the index page with a small image. It has two linear navigation structures linking to the second level. Note: There are screenshots of the current index and second-level pages in my Class 3 Assignment.

Once one starts to move through the site, they are presented bland text-laden pages with text hyperlinks. Other than the KP logo and a search field and button, there are no images.


In searching for mood images I chose to focus on another health service institution—Dignity Health. When I watch television and a Dignity Health commercial comes on, I literally stop what I am doing to watch it. The visual messaging Dignity Health uses is warm and engaging, communicates that they are a welcoming and caring institution.

Kaiser Permanente would benefit greatly from a visual site redesign with exploring a more robust colour palette and modernizing the typography. Because the brand colour is this dark aqua blue, and the branding materials heavily use it throughout, the site should also use it and its variations in a more cohesive way.

Style Tile

In the Style Tile, I propose what colour palette, image and typographical styles they could consider. For the colour palette, I used Adobe Kuler or Adobe Color CC. This is a great tool for developing colour palette options. I used the “Compound” choice to create a palette that includes analogous and split complementary colours to the Kaiser blue. The URL is

Mock redesign of member index page

As my premise involved essentially no redesign of’s member site other than showing a drop down menu to afford the user a global, non-linear experience, I created a layout that cleans up the member index page using more white space, eliminating the secondary navigation grid, bringing in larger and engaging images, and pulling from the colour palette I created.

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