She touched the world a world with out light and sound, laura bridgman

When Laura was little, she was not born blind or deaf. When the doctor held her, Laura's limbs jerked around. This went on for a while. She was fine for a long while, but then she got very ill from scarlet fever and almost died. Two of her sisters died from the fever, Collina born on August 26, 1842 and died on June 25, 1919 and Mary born on January 25, 1842 and died on November 14, 1859. But Laura was not aware of this. Her fever went on for five weeks. When it finally went away, it destroyed almost all of her eyesight and hearing. Later, Laura impaled her eye on a spinning wheel and destroyed all of her sight.

Laura wore these glasses

When Laura was young and new to not seeing and hearing, she was very curious and more explorative. When she first came to Perkins school for blind and deaf children, she was unhappy and sad not to be at home. But when she started to learn sign language and then eventually braille, she brightened up. That's when she started to love learning. She was very quick to learn rather than all of the other kids. When Laura learned something new she always had a hard questions, like when she learned horses can be darker shades like brown, black and white she asked, "why aren't horses pink?". Sense Laura loved the color pink even though she never saw it she wondered why horses weren't pink. The teachers could only response "they just aren't."

Perkins school for the blind and deaf children

Braille writing

Sign language

Laura didn't have any life goals but it could of been different if she could see and hear. Even though she didn't have any real goals she wanted to learn as much as possible. She loved to learn. When she wasn't getting taught she worked on the things that the teachers taught her. She would sign and if she messed up like miss spell a word she would slap her signing hand.

Laura's teachers were Dr.Samuel Howe, and Mrs. Smith

When Laura learned she loved learning. Dr. Samuel Howe saw this and he thought that children would learn better and enjoy learning if the weren't punished if they got an answer wrong. Dr. Samuel Howe started to spread his idea to the other teachers that taught at different schools. Many did't believe his idea but others took it and started to try this new technique. Soon Laura was very well known. Laura Bridgman lived a relatively quiet and uneventful life at the school. The death of Howe in 1876 was very hard on her, but before he died he had made arrangements ensuring her financial security at the school for the rest of her life. In 1887 her jubilee was celebrated there, but in 1889 she was taken ill, and she died on May 24.

Laura lived a good life at the Perkins school for blind and deaf children she was eager to learn not just sign language and braille but sewing and knitting. Laura had a lot of support from her family and friends too. I would recommend this biography because it is a interesting book and it is very informational.



Curious, smart, and determined

Daughter of Harmony Bridgman

Who loved learning, being with people and teaching

Who got excited to learn, got sad when she had to leave and was happy to be with people she liked

Who was scared that no one would be her friend, feared that she would not be able to learn and feared she would never be able to teach

Who accomplished learning and connecting with the world

Who wanted every body to love learning and be friendly

Born in Hanover, New Hampshire and lived at the Perkins school for the blind and deaf children


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