Just Five More Minutes Or Maybe More...

Students are not awake enough to process what's going on around them.

Students are losing sleep throughout the year due to early school starting times.

Students should enjoy sleep at home on their beds, where they are supposed to sleep.

A bus seat is not a suitable sleeping area for students.

More sleep in the morning provides students the ability to both succeed...

And enjoy their lives.

Let High Schoolers rest!

Created By
Alexander Thompson Harmon


Created with images by MC Quinn - "Sleeping in School" • lehman_11 - "School Memories" • Cali4beach - "On the edge...." • Identity Photogr@phy - "sleeping" • L. Andrew Bell - "Someone likes to sleep in the middle of the bed" • indi.ca - "yanik sleeping" • Jellaluna - "51/365 The Snooze Button" • vinylsoda89 - "CIMG6585" • Fathergoose - "girl graduate young" • AFS-USA Intercultural Programs - "IMG_8314.jpg"

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