Young Artists An Online Exhibition at South Shore Art Center (2020)

Image above by Helena Davis at Cohasset Middle School and Recipient of the Anthony Pilla Award

South Shore Art Center shares this online gallery in celebration of emerging young artists from local middle schools and art initiatives. The following is a culmination of work created by students in Cohasset, Hingham, Marlborough, Randolph, Scituate, and Weymouth. With the gift of youth and fresh perspectives, these young artists examine a variety of topics organized into different gallery rooms.

Scroll below to see gallery highlights and honors offered to select artists. Then continue to scroll below to see the full collection of artworks.

Gallery Room 1 hosts Reflections and Viewpoints. See Marine Images in Gallery Room 2. Typography and Design is exhibited in Gallery Room 3. Studies of Owls are in Gallery Room 4. Photographs of our Young Artists are presented in Gallery Room 5. Lastly viewers can sign our Guest Book.

Highlights & Awards:

Reflections and Viewpoints in Gallery 1

See emotive studies of the figure and perspectives of an ever changing world.

Reflections in Gallery 1: Blue Ribbon Honor Awarded to Student, Randolph
Reflections in Gallery 1: Alemian Award for Student Group: including Aryan Patel, Christian Noriega Vargas, and 2 Students, Randolph

"I see this image as one person struggling with his/her good and evil side. The battle is solidified by the raw, muscular brush strokes. It is really a powerful image on both the levels of subject and execution." Kim Alemian

Reflections in Gallery 1: Alemian Award to Clouette Lyons, Cohasset

"This picture shows a keen level of observational qualities and careful, deft rendering. I can almost feel the artist's deep absorption in the subject." Kim Alemian

Reflections in Gallery 1: Pilla Award to Student, Randolph

"This piece is intriguing, both whimsical and thought provoking. What is it communicating? The choice and combination of images, the disembodied eye, the androgynous figure and the solid brick-like pattern background work together, and in contrast to one another. And finally, the color choice and handling of the paint is very sophisticated." Dorothy Pilla

Reflections in Gallery 1: Jess Hurley Scott Award to Bella Mazzocco, Derby Academy

"This piece is so dynamic, in both color and composition. There is wonderful movement of color, form and texture across the piece. Some landscapes explore the expansiveness of nature, this one draws you in to a rolling, lush garden." Jess Hurley Scott

Reflections in Gallery 1: Anthony Pilla Award to Student, Randolph

"A wonderful example of how line can be used in a dynamic and nuanced manner to express subjective, emotional states of mind. Thin fragile lines contrasted with thick curvilinear contour lines in a restrained expression of form and movement tell us all we need to know about this subject." Anthony Pilla

Marine Life in Gallery 2

As a community who lives close to the coast, young people share their interest in marine life.

Marine Life in Gallery 2: Blue Ribbon Honor Awarded to Fiona Kendall, Student, Scituate
Student Ambassador Award to Claire Murray, Scituate

"This painting of a wave crashing has action, movement, and is very detailed." Student Ambassador Committee

Marine Life in Gallery 2: Anthony Pilla Award to Student, Scituate

"We are not observing this wave, we are in it. A very effective approach to experiencing the awesome nature of the ocean in the creation of an artwork which is exciting and terrifying." Anthony Pilla

Typography in Gallery 3

The written word is expounded through visual elaborations on typography and design.

Typography in Gallery 3: Alemian Award to Rosie Harrison, Student, Cohasset

"This work has an explosive feeling of Jazz music playing on broadway. The movement in the composition along with the perspective and color create a scene that is palpable." Kim Alemian

Typography in Gallery 3: Anthony Pilla Award to Helena Davis, Cohasset

"Impressive use of quilt-like pastiche of photographic pattern, drawn replication of pattern and texture, in a challenging potpourri of visual elements." Anthony Pilla

Studies of Owls in Gallery 4

Explore shading and texture in a study of owls.

Studies of Owls in Gallery 4: Blue Ribbon Honor Awarded to Lilly Weymouth, Derby Academy
Studies of Owls in Gallery 4: Franklin Marval Award to Luke Overbeck, Derby Academy

"As I looked at the collection of owls this one jumped out at me. I thought Wow! There is a lot of work, steps, and process involved in this art piece. I can imagine it hanging in an art gallery or museum on a 6 foot canvas." Franklin Marval.

Studies of Owls in Gallery 4: Anthony Pilla Award to Reed C., Derby Academy

"This is an owl with attitude! Not the usual whose who, either. Rather than waking us up, we have woken it up and I think it is annoyed. A simple facial expression combined with a subtle twist of the body, says a great deal about this subject with minimal effort." Anthony Pilla

A Note on Awards:

Blue Ribbon awarded by SSAC Community Programs Lead Team

Student Ambassador Award chosen by a small group of youth in middle school

Kim Alemian Award chosen by Kim Alemain, Professional Artist (to learn more visit http://kcalemian.com/)

Jess Hurley Scott Award chosen by Jess Scott Hurley, Professional Artist and Artist in Residence at SSAC (to learn more visit https://jesshurleyscott.com/)

Franklin Marval Award chosen by Franklin Marval, Professional Artist, Muralist, and Graphic Designer (to learn more visit https://franklinmarval.com/)

Anthony Pilla Award chosen by Anthony Pilla, Director of Education at SSAC and Professional Artist (to learn more visit: www.anthonydpilla.com)

Dorthy Pilla Award by Dorthy Pilla, Professional Artist and Former Director of the Art Education Program for Tufts University and the Museum School (to learn more visit: dorothyamorepilla.com)

Enter the Exhibition

Image Above by Mia Moren, Student, Cohasset

Complete Exhibition

Scroll below to see gallery room after room exhibiting art work by emerging young artists in middle school. Gallery Room 1 hosts Reflections and Viewpoints. See Marine Images in Gallery Room 2. Typography and Design is exhibited in Gallery Room 3. Studies of Owls are in Gallery Room 4. Visit gallery room 5 to see Photographs of our Young Artists. Lastly, view and sign our Guest Book.

Gallery Room 1

Reflections & Viewpoints

See emotive studies of the figure and perspectives of an ever changing world.

Click on images below to get a closer view.

Images Above: 1. Girl with Red Trees, Student Randolph; 2. Two-Sided Portrait by Student Group, Randolph; 3. Under Water by Student; 4. Painting by Student Group, Randolph; 5. Seated Eye by Student, Randolph; 6. Help Us by Student, Randolph; 7. Image by Students, Randolph; 8. Colosseum by Bella Kearney, Cohasset; 9. Two Faces by Student, Randolph; 10. Blue & Red Figures, Student Group, Randolph; 11. Round Painting, Student Derby Academy; 12. Don't Cut, Stephanie Phan, Randolph; 13. Horned Reflection, Student, Randolph: 14. Heart in the Window, Student Derby Academy; 15. Face in Pencil, Student, Derby Academy; 16. Cat in Pencil, Student Kevin, Derby Academy; 17. Masters, Hadley Reed, Derby Academy; 18. Masked, Elsa Landy, Derby Academy; 19. Joker 1 & 2, Lilly Gerhart; 20. Crown by Student, Randolph; 21. Study of Watch in Pencil, Clouette Lyons, Cohasset; 22. Face Reflected, Student Randolph; 23. Wings, Student, Randolph; 24. Detail of Objects on Black, Student Group, Randolph; 25. Objects on Black, Student Group, Randolph; 26. Side Profile Reflected, Student Randolph; 27. Study of Cat in Pencil, Mia Moren, Cohasset; 28. Garden by Bella Mazzocco, Student Derby Academy; 29. Eye by Student, Randolph; 30. Girl, Ruth Jacques, Randolph; 31. Mom, Student, Randolph; 32. Rainbow Figure, Randolph.

Gallery Room 2

Marine Life

As a community who lives close to the coast, young people share their interest in marine life.

Click on images to get a closer view.

Images Above: 1. Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse, Eric Hense; 1. Night Wave, Student, Situate; 2. Wave on the Beach, Fiona Kendall, Scituate; 3. Black Whale in Wavy Lines, Student, Weymouth; 4 Wave on the Beach, Fiona Kendall, Scituate; 5. Underwater Animals, Garrett Wimberley, Cohasset; 6. Connections, Lauren Minichiello; 7. Blood Moon and Wave, Halsey Wade, Scituate; 8. Marine Patterns, Julia Bianchi, Cohasset; 9. Green, Yellow and Red Turtle, Student, Weymouth; 10. Shark with Colored Lines, Student Weymouth; 11. Underwater Turtle, Student, Marlboro; 12. $1,000 Student, Weymouth; 13. Shark, Ronan Drew, Derby Academy; 14. Whale, Lauren Minichiello; 15. Otter Dollar, Student Weymouth; 16. Blue Whale, Lauren Minichiello; 17. Underwater Face, Lauren Minichiello; 18. Turtle Drawing, Student, Marlboro; 19. Wave and Sunset, Student, Scituate; 20. Wave and Sunset, Student, Scituate; 21. Wave Crashing on the Street, Claire Murray, Scituate; 22. Sumner Harris, Scituate; 23. Turtle Orbiting Earth, Keira Schneider, Scituate; 24. Underwater, Student Scituate; 25. Pollution, Student Scituate; 26. Girl with Fish, Jenny, Randolph; 27. Seascape, Ava, Derby Academy; 28. Underwater Deep, Student, Scituate; 29. Swimming Trash, Student, Scituate; 30. Ice Cream Narwall, Student, Randolph; 31. Wave, Student, Scituate; 32. Seal, Student, Weymouth ; 33. Flying Whale, Mollie Rowland, Scituate.

Gallery Room 3

Typography & Design

The written word is expounded through visual elaborations on typography and design.

Click on images to get a closer view.

Images Above: 1. Instruments in Perspective, Rosie Harrison, Cohasset; 2. Alice in Wonderland, Isabella K, Cohasset; 3. Trumpet, Eamon Maxwell, Cohasset; 4. Go Wild Cats, Annabelle M, Cohasset; 5. Holidays, Ava Desalvo, Cohasset; 6. Bella Collins, Cohasset MS; 7. Brendan Loughlin, Cohasset; 8. Football, Brennan Blind, Cohasset; 9. Queen, Lincoln, Pattison, Cohasset; 10. Caitlyn Simms, Cohasset; 11. Mouse, Caroline S, Cohasset; 12. Pencils, Catherine Toomey, Cohasset; 13. Movie Theater, Chloe Carr, Cohasset; 14. Design, Christian S, Cohasset; 15. Emme Cunning, Cohasset; 16, Farrah Jackson, Cohasset; 17. Harry West, Cohasset; 18. Helena Davis, Cohasset; 19. Patterns on Black, Isabelle Labash, Cohasset; 20. Dragons, Isa Murray, Cohasset; 21. Coho Lax, Jack Mullaly, Cohasset; 22. Kate Greer, Cohasset; 23. Katelyn Oliver, Cohasset, MS; 24. Beach, Layla Haddad, Cohasset, MS; 25. Football, Max and Sam, Cohasset; 26. Mia Peeples, Cohasset; 27. Soccer, Natalie Kluza, Cohasset; 28. Natalie Laird, Cohasset; 29. Ice Cream Landscape, Santana P, Cohasset; 30. Josh Sheppard, Cohasset; 31. Serafina B, Cohaset,; 32. Moose, Shannon Grady, Cohasset; 33. Shayera G, Cohasset; 34. Hearts and Pulse, Adriana Jeffers, Cohasset; 35. Mandala, Ella, Derby Academy; 36. Sydni Saveur, Cohasset; 37. Snowmen in Perspective, Cohasset; 38. Dog #12, Toby Carpenter, Cohasset; 39. Sports, Tyler Henry, Cohasset; 40. Masters, Hadley Reed, Derby Academy; 41. Will Alberti, Cohasset; 42. Mandala 2, Ella M, Derby Academy.; 43. Student, SSAC.

Gallery Room 4

Studies of Owls

Explore shading and texture in a study of owls.

Click on Images to Get a Closer View

Images Above by Students at Derby Academy, Names Labeled on Artwork

Gallery Room 5

Photographs of our Young Artists

See some of the young artists behind the sophisticated and thoughtful artwork featured in this gallery. Learning and expressions were created both in the classroom and during field trips (and even during a celebration of pajama day). See the youthful and smiling faces that created such diverse artworks with thoughtful viewpoints and creative interpretations of our ever changing world.

Students from Randolph MS and Gates MS in Scituate, at Learning Initiatives in Collaboration with SSAC, and at an independent project at Derby Academy. Additional students featured in this online gallery (but not pictured above) include students form Cohasset, Marlboro, and Weymouth.

Guest Book

Wonderful * Uplifting * Inspiring * Amazing * Colorful * Emotional * Talented * Beautiful

"I just had the pleasure of viewing the online gallery presented by SSAC. What a wonderful exhibit of such a diverse group of art and artists. It was just what I needed to feel uplifted and inspired! I would like to see more of this kind of display in the future." Patrice Kelley, SSAC Faculty and Professional Artist

"Overall a great collection of artwork! Obviously these kids were very engaged in the process and had fun as well. Love the energy and creativity!" Liz Townsend, SSAC

“The program looks wonderful, and the kids did amazing work on their art.” Soe Lin Post, Director of Design at Wellesley College

"I love the images! During this time of isolation and pandemic news wherever we turn, its nice to see talented young people expressing themselves!" Nancy Lafauce, Director Cohasset Elder Affairs

"It is wonderful to see the range of artistic styles and subject matter in each of the galleries. I appreciate all of the work involved in the organization and design of the exhibit. Thank you, Alicia, and the dedicated staff at the South Shore Art Center, for continuing to inspire and support the endeavors of young artists!" Mary Ellen Olson, Middle and Upper School Art Teacher, Derby Academy

"This is phenomenal! Absolutely gorgeous art - each piece is very special. Such a joy to see this beautiful exhibit on-line. Thank you." Andrea Hillier

"These kids are amazing, I love their use of color and the emotion in the pieces!!!" Rebecca Anne Davidson, Faculty at Danforth Art and Owner Auntie Reba's Online Art Studios

"What a wonderful and refreshing exhibit by talented young artists! I appreciate the vitality, quality, range of subjects, and personal styles displayed, along with the thoughtful comments by the professional artists." Lisa Marder, SSAC Faculty and Professional Artist

"What a beautiful array of work from such talented kids. I am so sorry that the pandemic is preventing it from being shown in person, but I can see in so much of the work a vitality that will carry this generation forward. The last group of the owls seem to peer out at me asking, when we can fly again. I just loved it!" Dr. Anne McCaffrey, Mount Auburn Hospital

Saw something you liked? Want to share your thoughts? Sign our Guest Book! Email a note to aherman@ssac.org and it will be posted to share with the community and young artists.


This online gallery was created with special thanks to educators, including: Erika Manos, Randolph Middle School; Mary Ellen Olson, Derby Academy; Lauren Saracino, Weymouth Public School District; and Laura Swartz, Cohasset Middle School. We express gratitude to the Foundation for Creative Achievement and Scituate Education Fund for funding specific youth initiatives. Further thanks to guest artists and judges, Kim Alemain, Jess Hurley Scott, Franklin Marval, Anthony Pilla, and Dorothy Pilla.

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