Divergent By: Veronica roth

Divergent takes place in Chicago, where the city is split into 5 factions. 16 year olds take a test to see what faction they belong in. The tests don't make you go to that faction they just suggest what faction you should go to. The 16 year old pick what faction they want to spend the rest of their life in that faction. Some people place in more than one and they are called divergent. Each faction has a initiation and if you fail they kick you out and you are then among the factionless.

Beatrice Prior 16 years old lived a normal selfless life until the day she had to choose the faction she would stay with the rest of her life. When they turn 16 theyŕe given the option to choose one of the five factions. Beatrice or Tris choose dauntless.


Dauntless this is the faction that Beatrice choose to be with the rest of her life. This is her moms old faction but Beatrice didn't find out this was her moms old faction till she was already there on visiting day. The dauntless are a group of people who do daring and scary things such as jumping off buildings or shooting people. This faction that she choose is completely different then the way she grew up, especially the food and the way they dress.

This is the first step of initiation. Initiation is the steps or the rules you need to go through to get into that faction every factions initiation process is different. In the first step of initiation for dauntless it is when they learn how to fight people shoot a gun and also how to through a knife.

Not everyone in Dauntless is like Tobias. While Tris is getting used together new lifestyle, she has to deal with people such as peter, who are trying to show off to Dauntless so that they can get the best ranks. Peter takes the "show-off" to far to where he is rude. He was mad one night when Edward was first and he was not so he stabbed him. When Tris starts doing good and when she gets ranked higher than him he tries to push her into the chasm. The chasm is in the middle of the Dauntless compound.

Being "divergent" means you have a little bit of all 5 of the factions instead of a lot of just one faction. Being "divergent" was considered to be a bad thing and most divergents were killed. So when Tris discovered that she was divergent, she was very scared that she was going to be killed. She did everything she could to hide her divergence. During her testing for dauntless initiation, it was very difficult for Tobias to hide her divergence, keep her safe, and allow her to be initiated into dauntless.

This is when erudite tricks dauntless into using a serum that makes you fight . This is also when tris is running with her mom from the guards and they go through this alley way and her mom goes back to try to distract them so Tris can get away. When her mom goes into the alley way she gets shot and Tris has to run to her dad and brother to get help. When she arrives they help her get safe. They start a journey to try to shut off the simulation and on there way her dad also dies.

" We are among the factionless now". Living factionless means that you don't belong in any one specific faction but instead you live like we do with many traits that make us all human. We have our strengths and weaknesses but we are balanced over all in our character traits.

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