Goals "Setting goals is the first step to turn the invisible into the visible" by Tony Robbins .

One Year Goal

In one year, I will meet Abel or most known as The Weeknd. I want to meet him because his music suits for every situation someone could be in.

I want to adopt at least one pit bull from the animal shelter, the most misunderstood breed of dog. A pit bull is mostly known as an aggressive dog but I want to show my parents that they are like any other lovable pet.

In one year, I will have a job. Hopefully at my favorite place, Starbucks. I want to move out as soon as possible, therefore I need a job.

My makeup skills will improve so that hopefully one day I can be a professional makeup artist. This is a passion of mine that I hope I can share with other people.

3 Year Goals

in 3 years, I would like to be settled in Flagstaff and in the Northern Arizona University ( NAU) . Also go to six flags because i love roller coasters. Going Sky diving was an unforgettable experience , the adrenaline was insane which is why i would like to do it again. Years have to pass by first to help me gain the courage to do it again.

Journeys for 2022

By 2022, my attitude towards things will improve. My patience will last longer. My positivity will overcome my negativity. Overall, I want to learn how to adjust to the attitude of others because i know they will not adjust to mine. I want this for myself because I know it will be healthier.

I want to become a professional makeup artist before i become a surgeon. Do makeovers for women that have lost themselves in a daily routine full of cleaning, cooking or taking care of kids.


LIfe After Hard Work

In a decade, I will have a house and at least 5 pets. I will be starting my 14 year education to become a surgeon. I will be a mature person full of dedication. Finally, i'll have a closer relationship with God. These have been my dreams for the last couple of years . I want a brighter future and a peaceful life.


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