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A graphic designer: is a person, sometimes called a "visual communicator" who through the use of a variety of means, whether; traditional means or computer software, creates visual concepts such as; Logos, images or print designs. For either client use, or promotional use. Most graphic designers tend to work independently, but are also found to be working and collaborating with others in the field.

Team involvement

Dependent on whether a graphic designer, is to do freelance work, in house work, or work in an agency. This field of work will have a variety of team involvement. Though the likelihood of working in a team, being more so within in-house and agency based graphic design, with free-lance being more of a solo job. Interaction and planning between the client and the designer them self will still be present.

Education Requirements

In most cases, a bachelors degree in the Fine Arts, more specifically graphic design or a degree in a related field may be required when pursing a position as a graphic designer. However. that does not mean a person which a bachelors degree in another field cannot be a graphic designer. A person who wishes to be a graphic designer but does not have the required degree, can undergo technical training to meet job specific qualifications.

The degree can be attained through any post secondary institution, provided that they do supply the program. Universities such as OCAD or Humber college, offer the program, with the only requirement being a credit in Grade 12 English.

Required Skills

The skills required for a graphic designer can vary, some of these skills include:

  • Artistic ability: a graphic designer must be able to create aesthetically pleasing designs that captivate consumers.
  • creativity: a graphic designer must b able to come up with new ideas, and develop unique designs.
  • communication skills: A graphic designer must be able to speak and communicate to others, such as clients or other designers. To make sure they are properly displaying the intended message.
  • computer skills: In most cases a graphic designer would be specialized in a specif computer program and therefore must be adept in its use; Adobe illustrator.
Salary of a graphic designer

Dependent on the persons experience and what position he/she is working in, the salary of a graphic designer can vary. The salaries as according to Designation Blog: range from "a low of around 39,500 to a high of around 57,000 for graphic designers with 1 to 3 years of experience, a low of 53,000 and a high of 72,000 for designers with 3 to 5 years of experience and a low of 93,000 and a high of 97,000 for those with 5+ years of experience".

Organizations where a graphic designer could work

As previously mentioned, Graphic designers can do solo work and be a freelance graphic designer where they organize their own schedule at home, work in house for a company or work within an agency. Graphic designers who work with agencies, tend to work in studious. This giving them access to a variety of tools which they can use at their disposal. A graphic designer will tend to work independently, unless, if working for specialized graphic design will work as part of a team. Though collaboration among colleagues and clients will still occur. The hours will vary within the studio, due to workload and when a deadline, as is the same with an in-house graphic designers. Though with freelance graphic designers, it will vary as they organize their own schedule.

My thoughts on a career in graphic design

Though i do have an interest in the graphic design field and have quite the interest in what it entails, I personally would not want to go into this field of work. This is because, i am more of a social person and tend to enjoy conversation with others rather than mostly work in front of a screen. Which is why i have decided in pursuing a field in the social sciences as to interact and help people out in society.

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