Trip To Cuba paradise

Cuba is a tropical place that is surrounded by beaches. There are mountains more towards the center of Cuba. Cuba has had a rough past with the whole world. The U.S. had once owned Cuba as a territory.

There are incredible
Cuba is a giant island. It is surrounded by water but has many fantastic beaches.

This fantastic island has amazing sights everywhere you go. You can get fresh food from local farmers markets or go to malls and on beach hotels.

Most of the country speaks Spanish. Everywhere you go they speak Spanish. Money is also different here one USD = 26.5 CUP. On this island there are many native people that still do cultural things. On this giant island there are 11.39 million people. The island has many caves to go and check out. They also have some of the most prettiest beaches.

La mayor parte del país habla español. Cuba fue una vez un territorio. Cuba está rodeada de playas. Nada más que un ambiente tropical. Relájese en la playa y obtenga un bronceado

Cuba I built from Afican, French, Spanish, and Asian influences. Cuban culture is beautiful it is rich with creativity. The main religion is roman Catholic. Most people on the island are religious and still do traditional activities. Los cubanos celebran el día de trabajo 1 de mayo. La cultura cubana es Hermosa.

Common Cuban sandwich
Black Bean Stew

Foods in cuba are very different. They like to use creative ways of cooking. They have ways from making fish all the way to uses of steak. The options of food they have are fantastic. Cuban food consists of fresh ingredients. Food in cuba is part of their culture, they put so much work and creativity in making all these wonderful foods. Estofado de frijol negro. Sándwich cubano común.

Music in cuba is mainly called Cuban son it borrows heavily from American jazz. El jazz es relajante. Si quieres relajarte en la playa y relajarte todo, escucha un poco de jazz. mario bauza y afro cuban jazz orq. tanga. This is a song on youtube.

Just jazzing out here

In cube there are countless activities, from sky diving over a beach to snorkeling with fish. An activity right outside your door step is a local farmers market, they have food you can eat right after you buy it! $1.00 is 1 peso, so i would take around 50 pesos to go for food. La cueva de los peces, is a wonderful bay with crystal clear waters. You can go boating or snorkeling out in the wonderful reef. You will need sun screen, towels and around 50 pesos for food and transportation. Pink flamingos, one of cuba's most relaxing activities. You will need sun screen, bug spray, and around 50pesos for food and transport. Dance in the street, might seem crazy to us, but dancing down at the Callejon de Hemel is just a normal day in the life of a Cuban. Really you just need comfortable shoes! Explore the of Trinidad, learn it culture and history. While you walk around there will be birds and lizards everywhere. I would bring walking shoes and sunscreen. For this I would bring 75 pesos for food, transportation, and souvenirs. Cualquier cosa que hagas aqui disfrutaras. Tener unas diverted vacaciones en cuba.


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