Well…hey there!

Most likely you found this page because someone we know suggested you find out more about us and our ministry with FamilyLife. You've got great friends. :)

So let's begin…We're Abe and Deb. Let us take some time to introduce ourselves.

We've been married since 1999 and we have 6 daughters.


From left to right: Anna, Danielle, Julia, Rachel, Sarah, and Naomi

Our older 3 girls all work at Chick-fil-a and have their driver's license or permit. Our younger 3 love making YouTube videos. And they all love to sing songs from Broadway musicals. Oh, the singing that happens at our house! :)


  • Age: 41
  • Favorite fast food: Chipotle
  • Likes: Technology, Videography, Teaching and Encouraging others, and Fortnite
  • Secret Super Power: He's an expert at playing "2 Truths and a Lie".


  • Favorite movie: Sound of Music
  • Instruments she can play: Piano, Violin, Guitar,
  • Likes: playing the piano, reading her Bible, snuggling with her kids, planning events, and including people!
  • Secret Super Power: She's never met an introvert that she didn't like.

In 2008

We were youth pastors and pregnant with our twins. So we decided to attend a Weekend to Remember to reconnect before the chaos of having 6 kids that were 7.5 yrs and younger.

It was during that weekend that we felt God stirring in our hearts to join Him in the adventure of a lifetime and join the staff of FamilyLife.

As youth pastors, we'd seen up close the pain and devastation that teens face when there's family stress. So we were excited to link arms with other FamilyLife staff members to point couples to Jesus who has the power to rescue, restore, and redeem!

6 years ago

We packed up our little party of 8 and moved them 2,000+ miles across the country to FamilyLife's headquarters in Little Rock, AR.

the Laras arrive in Arkansas!

Today's Digital World

People today are consuming more video content than ever. Over 1 billion hours of content are viewed on YouTube every day! That's more than Netflix and Facebook combined!

Abe uses his skills and talents behind the camera as FamilyLife's videographer. Because we want to use these technology tools to make a kingdom impact.

Like this video that describes why now is the best time to be a part of FamilyLife:

Connecting people

Americans spend over 10 hours a day looking at screens (phone, tablet, computer, or TV). And our kids are watching us and following in our footsteps.

Deb, on the other hand, loves people and making connections and uses her talents to help plan various events for FamilyLife staff. She leads the planning for the annual Women's Connection Autumn Getaway for staff ladies. She also oversaw the kid's program during FamilyLife's Staff Conference.

Staff Conference Jr with FamilyLife staff kids

Working together

And sometimes we get together on projects like FamilyLife's Art of Parenting online course. Deb was one of the online hosts for the series, and Abe helped capture, edit, and upload it to the web.

Our calling

We are passionate about creatively communicating the gospel and connecting others to Jesus. For the last two decades of our lives, Deb and I have lived on an adventure with God. We think it's the best way to live.

We'd love to set up a time tell you more about our story, how we got involved with FamilyLife, and why we are more excited to be a part of FamilyLife now than in the previous 6 years on staff.

We're on an adventure with God, we invite you join with us!

Abe and Deb Lara, missionaries with Cru serving with FamilyLife.

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