TrustLine System Secure Hotlines and Case Management for Organizations of All Sizes

The Basics

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a suite of modules that help detect, report and respond to fraud and incompliance within an organization.

It acts as a reporting hotline combined with a comprehensive case file manager and a reporting module.

TrustLine System focuses on an anonymous and secure communication channel

Having the identity protected and mitigating the retaliation risks increase the likelihood that non-compliance and fraud are timely reported and addressed. In this respect, TrustLine System runs on in-house built and owned infrastructure (own servers, storage devices, translation module).

We act as an interface between the whistleblower and the company, no matter the channel and no matter how many replies are exchanged by the two parties. Various levels of whistleblower anonymity can be customized, as demanded by our clients.

All the communication between modules and with the intended recipients is encrypted and secured from any unauthorized access.

TrustLine System Key Points

Comprehensive package, covering all necessary requirements:

  • Secure Case Intake
  • Secure Case Reporting and Management
  • Trends Analysis

Fully customizable to meet Customer's needs and fully scalable for small to middle and global enterprises

Including in-house built concepts of internal and external communication and training for case handlers

Running on in-house built and owned infrastructure (own servers, storage devices, translation module)

7/24/365 Hotline (web based access) and Phone Lines (ground lines and cell phones access)

TrustLine System Program Elements

The Program is fully customized on the client’s particular needs and allows informed and targeted decisions on the matters raised.

It includes the following:

  • A written Whistleblowing Policy
  • A Reporting Mechanism communicated internally and/or externally
  • Designated responsibilities regarding the Program
  • Training and Communication materials

A powerful integrated TrustLine system which enables effective prevention and early-stage detection of fraud instances.

  • 100% integration of all reporting mechanisms with the case file management system.
  • A high level of customization: matrix type of users with various levels of access, customized dashboard, operating modules and notification system.
  • A high level of scalability - It can work and be customized for small, medium and large organizations.
  • The system can integrate multiple reporting mechanisms (hotlines, direct reporting, etc.). The relevant information can be captured from all available channels and be delivered to those in charge, in one unitary view.
  • A secure translation module that is contained in TLS and works via encrypted communication. The translated content is not shared via email or via other unsecured channels.
  • The relevant stakeholders receive notifications and conveniently access the system to access the reports or to check the progress of a particular matter. The outcome of the cases is not sent via email or via other unsecure channels to avoid inappropriate data dissemination.
  • Corporate defense – The users certify with a digital signature that they exercised due care and attention and that they respected all the professional standards when they investigated the case.

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