Self Discovery in Making Spring 2017 - Sculpture as making


With the curiosity and humbling to the nature of material itself, I am more of an explorer than a conquerer as an artist.

I try to understand the material and the best way to work with it. I try to present the nature of art, to evoke the rawness of our feelings through the interaction with art.


It was the desire to build a relationship with the art project itself - how much do I understand the object? The more I thought about the art itself and every component it has originally and what I transformed into, the more I realized that the art transforms itself and expresses itself.

When I started one project, I had no idea what final form the project itself would become. I started by throwing in colors, textures, shapes, structures, compositions, and etc. that echo with my feelings toward the theme.

I focused on building up the connection among components only. The process of working by hands, getting to know each material by touching it, cherishing the form it turns into, and the effect multiple materials intertwined brought me the art by itself.

The way I worked with art changed dramatically after this semester. Rather than making art, I prefer to the expression of working with materials. Through working with materials and understanding them as a friend, a colleague in the building process, I understand myself, and every component of me better. And the art project become the resonance between material and me.

People say that art is dying.

But I refused to believe this. Art-making is fundamental to human and humanity. To me, especially after this semester, art is not the showcase of techniques, not even expression of the artist. Art is being, experiencing, evolving with times.

1ST PROJECT - Traditional Technique + Digital Fabrication

Laser Cut, Plastic mold, Burned petals, Paints

Grasp in Present

We are constantly changing, growing.

Same as the flower is constantly shedding, reburying, and transforming.

We can't control it. By trying to control the change, we are limiting ourselves in a box.

Live in the present. Don't afraid of changes.

Because there is nothing we can do.

MAKING SESSION #1 - Theme: The Longest Journey

Chicken Wire + Plaster + Paper - In 40 Minutes

The Longest Journey

The pair of wings is stuck in the cage, longing for the destination far far away.

2ND PROJECT - Theme: Chaos and Harmony



In this project, I used 3D printing to print a shape of wave, press it on clay, and make a clay mold. I filled the clay mold with plaster and build the shape and texture of this project. After the shape and texture were determined, I painted it with Acrylic paints.

As a surfer, nothing than waves can represent chaos and harmony better. The sooth and quietness of sea and the strength and turbulence of waves resonate with me.

Through this project, I want to present the feeling when I am in it, experiencing it, as well as exploring building texture through digital fabrication and painting on texture.

MAKING SESSION #2 - Theme: Two Words, My Life

Paper + Yarns + Paints - In 30 Minutes

Lingering Explosion

The two words I choice were tie and tear.

I am lucky enough to have family and friends. I was unlucky to not realized my luckiness. I tear apart lots of genuine love and care.

3RD PROJECT - Artist's Choice

Wire, Fabric, Polyester, Sound, Sensor


This is an interactive art project for people to meditate, calm down, refocus to self and the moment.

When a person walk into the Headspace, music will start playing, and the person will not see the environment outside the cloud.

The color and texture inside the cloud will be the only thing the person sees, and the music will be the only sound the person hears.

Through touching and reshaping the cloud, the actions and emotions added by each audience complete the art project.

Thank you for walking through the journey with me.

Website designed and made by Ginger Chen for Spring 2017 Sculpture As Making.

Photos were taken and edited by Ginger Chen.


Created with images by Charkrem - "still from Bruce Conner's THREE SCREEN RAY (2006)" • Gary_Koelling - "background" • Gary_Koelling - "background" • Gary_Koelling - "background" • Gary_Koelling - "background" • Gary_Koelling - "background" • Gary_Koelling - "background" • Gary_Koelling - "background" • Gary_Koelling - "background" • Charkrem - "still from Bruce Conner's THREE SCREEN RAY (2006)"

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