How to draw Morgan Poole

What you need:

Drawing pencils, tracing paper, mixed media paper, and an eraser

Step 1: measuring

find a spot in the original picture and begin trying to figure out how many times that size section goes into the picture.

Step 1: measuring

Once you find how many times that section goes into the picture you can begin drawing the picture down a scale onto the tracing paper. As you measure and begin to draw be careful to maintain the correct proportions throughout the entire process.

Step 2: transfer

Transfer the tracing paper drawing onto the mixed media paper. It is now just a line drawing.

step 3: shading

Begin shading the line drawing to make the picture come alive. Use a variety of pencils to get the darks dark and the lights light. Use the eraser to take up graphite if needed. The different pencils create value in the drawing. When shading do not press down too hard but smooth tone the drawing by lightly pressing on the paper and shading with small circular motions.

step 4: flapping

Finalize the drawing by applying a piece of transfer paper on top of the drawing to ensure its safety from smudges, any liquids, or anything that creates poor draftsmanship.

Final product without transfer paper.
Flapped image

congrats now you know how to draw!!!!


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