Live in reality Not in Delusion

Three colleagues were talking to each other in heaven following their death in the body. While enjoying their life with Jesus they had one lament.' I wish I had known I was spending my entire life promoting a delusion,' said George. We can begin our lives socialised into a view of religion and the things of God and retain this view all our lives. But if we do we are like a ship in a bottle that remains small and cut-off from the ocean of reality.

A tale of a bottled reality

Then again we can do what God made us to do: Create ourselves in the verities of His Reality - a reality that might be considerably different to that with which our parents have imbued us. In doing this we have joined the adventure of life. In hiding in the notions of our parents and those representations of the first part of life we have hidden from reality. We have hidden from life and made religion out of our hiding. Anyone with courage can live a robust life, becoming the self that was seen by the Trinity before the earth was formed and the self that we have the potential to become since Jesus rose from the dead as the new man and new woman that is us all.

Every person has an innate dignity as a daughter of God or a son in which we are born to flower in our reborn state in the new covenant regime of Christ our life.

The genuinely born again person is never born into religion. She is born into her genuine self in the person of Jesus. In the age of the new wine-skin, called also the new covenant, Christ is totally our life. Jesus is vicariously us as regards our relationship with Himself and the trinity and He is who we are by being incarnated in our being. As reborn persons we are the in-dwelt temples of EveryDay life and the expression of the trinity who live in us. This is the reality that is ours in the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.

When we say that reality is Christ we are saying that we are living in God's reality - the reality of our Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit who surround us with their presence and live in us to manifest and express themselves as our person. This is the opposite to the illusions and delusion of religion where we live in the shell and miss the core. The reality is Christ and we are real as persons and sons when He is our life.

Rejoicing in being one's real self in Christ

All of us, even the men are the New Eve. This is to say that we come out of Christ's side as Eve came out of Adam. As such we are part of Him and in our individuality and as the Bride of Christ we make Him complete. The church is Jesus multiplied and made real in the earth.

We are competent to minister the Kingdom Jesus began when we minister the new covenant in its new covenant power and glory. This entirely the simplicity of Christ our life - Christ in you. Some minister a dulled and fogged gospel that is a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil. Sincerity is not enough to minister the Kingdom of God. Reality is Christ - not as Christianity and religion but as His life as ours. This is life in the Spirit. It is Christ come in the flesh and the living way of making heaven real where we are. In this mode we are emit rivers of spirit and life because we are life-giving spirits.

Christ come in our flesh is the reality and living water of the New Testament age.

We can come to the end of our lives without ever having realised that the gospel we ministered was not the gospel of the Kingdom and without seeing that what we gave our lives too was a delusion - because we did not want to see. Or because we did not want to know that we had been lied too and because we chose to remain oblivious because we had made our own christ and our own identity and found our own status and sought our own security in that other husband that had been handed to us as children. As a result we remained children all our lives - imagining that we were in the Spirit when we were in the law or a version of it and in old Adam instead of in the Christ of God. As such we released droplets of life but not rivers. We can produce convoluted theologies of fictions and rationalisation in support of our 'other gospel.' We will go to heaven but release little of heaven on earth because we have separated ourselves from spirit and life. But reality is Christ.

Our new covenant life is not an old car with a new coat of paint.

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