TJ Honors Day 2020 Celebrating Academic Excellence

Honors Day at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School is a celebration of academic excellence, and students in grades 7-12 receive recognition for achieving a 95% or higher in any of their core classes and/or earning straight A’s during the first three quarters of the school year. In addition, we recognize the highest GPA in each class, class with the highest average GPA, and additional state and national awards.

Scroll down to see members of TJ's faculty announce the academic honors. Play the brief videos, and see the student pictures for each grade.

7th Grade Academic Honors:

Mr. Chris Nash announces academic honors for 7th graders.

Congratulations 7th Graders!

8th Grade Academic Honors:

Mrs. Gabby Heth announces academic honors for 8th graders.

Congratulations 8th Graders!

9th Grade Academic Honors:

Ms. Brittany Legwold announces academic honors for 9th Graders

Congratulations 9th Graders!

10th Grade Academic Honors:

Mr. David Harris announces academic honors for 10th graders

Congratulations 10th Graders!

11th Grade Academic Honors:

Mr. Sam Jack announces academic honors for 11th graders

Congratulations 11th Graders!

12th Grade Academic Honors:

Dr. Henry Yukevich announces academic honors for seniors

Congratulations Seniors!

All-State Music Honors:

Mr. Atteberry announces all-state music honorees

MathCounts and MCTM Math Contest Honors:

Mrs. Becky Hendrickson announces state and national math contest honors

National Geography Bee School Bee Winner:

Mr. Nash announces National Geography Bee school bee winner

Congratulations Nathan!

National History Day State Honors:

Mr. Chris Nash announces winners of the state National History Day contest

Highest Academic Achievement:

Ms. Shauna Tharp announces the students in each grade with the highest GPA, and the class in each division that has the highest overall average GPA.

Congratulations to the students with the Highest GPAs!

Congratulations to the classes with the highest average GPA:

Middle School -- Class of 2024

Upper School -- Class of 2022

Head of School Awards

Mrs. Laura McDonald, TJ's Head of School, announces the Middle and Upper School Awards.

Congratulations to all of these students on their significant academic achievements this year.