Allergies by Camryn Eickenberg

Allergies are the immune system's response to things that the system mistake for being harmful. Usually people have allergies to things that other people don't have reactions to. The items or substances that cause allergies are called allergens.


The cause of allergies is that the immune system mistakes different things as harmful and responds. The items people are allergic to are called allergens. The most common allergens are certain foods, dust, pollen, medicines, or animals. Insect stings, airborne particles, chemicals, and others can also cause allergic reactions.


Symptoms of allergies can be mild or very serious. Mild symptoms are a runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, or coughing. More serious symptoms can be breathing problems. A severe allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis and signs of this include trouble breathing, swallowing, dizziness or loss of consciousness, and swelling of the lips, tongue, throat, or other parts of the body. Having allergies can be passed down by genes, but not specific allergies, just allergies to different things in general.


Patients with allergies may seek an allergist to help treat and figure out the root and solution for their allergies. Allergies cannot be completely removed/cured immediately, but there are medicines to help stop/prevent allergic reactions or avoid them happening. There are medicines for air particle allergies but food allergies can be treated by not eating the foods. Medicines like nasal sprays or pills are used to treat allergies. These medicines can control symptoms like headaches, stuffy nose, etc, but are not a cure for the allergies. For emergency situations when allergic reactions occur, allergists or doctors may prescribe shots like Epipens to help a person breath.


The best way to prevent allergies to to avoid allergens. The most highly recommended solution to allergies is avoidance. Avoidance is as simple as avoiding the allergens so symptoms of allergies don't occur. Avoidance can be lifesaving, especially for people with food allergies.

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