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Fresh Off the Boat DVD Episode Descriptions

1: Pilot:

It’s 1995 and twelve-year-old hip-hop loving Eddie Huang and his family move from Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida. Eddie’s dad, Louis is the owner of a failing restaurant, and Eddie’s first day at school is rough.

2: Home Sweet Home-School

Louis and Jessica clash over how to raise the kids and how to run the restaurant.

3: The Shunning

When the cul-de-sac plans a block party to celebrate NASCAR, Louis urges the family to use the event to make new friends (and promote Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse).

4: Success Perm

Family rivalry spirals out of control when Jessica’s sister, Connie, and her far more affluent husband come to visit.

5: Persistent Romeo

Louis has to hire a professional instructor to give the restaurant staff a sexual harassment seminar after Jessica’s attempts fall flat.

6: Fajita Man

Eddie is so desperate to purchase a new video game named after his idol, Shaq, he goes to work at the restaurant.

7: Showdown at the Golden Saddle

Things are looking up for the Huangs when Louis gets the restaurant a billboard in a prime spot in Orlando. Eddie works hard to get the attention of the girl he’s crushing on, but it doesn’t help matters when his mom hires her to babysit him.

8: Phillip Goldstein

Eddie tries to befriend the only other Chinese kid in school, but he’s in for a letdown after he finds out that they have nothing in common.

9: License to Sell

Jessica puts off taking the exam for her real estate license because she fears she isn’t good enough to compete with Orlando’s top realtor.

10: Blind Spot

Jessica’s college boyfriend, Oscar Chow, comes to visit. Meanwhile, Eddie goes to great lengths to get out of the school science fair.

11: Very Superstitious

Jessica’s superstitions get the best of her when she sells a house with the address 44 West 44th Street – the number 4 being bad luck in Chinese culture.

12: Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon

Louis and Jessica get pressured into volunteering at the kids’ schools because of budget cuts.

13: So Chineez

Jessica fears her family has assimilated so much to life in Orlando that they’ve lost their Chinese identity.

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