The Zika Virus CReated by Jace Bryan

Basic Knowledge

The Zika virus is a very crucial virus to obtain and secure. The Virus on normal people will usually only cause a fever, rash, or joint pain. On others it can cause little to nothing. But on pregnant women it can cause birth defects and such. The Zika is mainly known for the birth defects it can give to a child at birth. Such as a smaller head. This Virus is spread through a infected mosquito. Most cases are from mosquito's. Below is a picture of woman in Brazil that her newborn child is suffering from the Zika Virus. (Information from CDC)

A Brazilian mother cradles her baby infected with the Zika Virus

Year in review: Zika Virus devastates Brazil and spreads fear across America

The Article that I read was about the Zika Virus affecting Brazil and its effects upon its citizens. Not much was known about Zika virus before 2016. Most cases showed little to none in symptoms from a slight fever to joint pain. But when 2016 came around, scientists came to the fact and found evidence that not only does Zika cause birth defects, but it kills brain cells. Zika is now more deadly than ever. Cases of Zika have been reported in every state in U.S. except Alaska. Later on in research scientists found that Zika can cause other disorders,. Luckily a vaccine for the Zika could be within a couple of years away.

This article was published on November 3, 2016


What I take from this article about the Zika virus, is yes it is a harmful virus that can as well evolve and do worse than what it already is. It already can cause birth defects. The author of the article as well views this as a threatening virus, from what I can take from his view is that the Zika virus should be taken more seriously and posted around the world of its effects and possible future effects. In my opinion this Virus effects me in a way that more action should be taken about this virus rather than just on the news to scare people.

Zika Virus Impact on America

Zika Virus is significant to discuss about for what it does and how it's seen through everyone's eyes. Some view it as a slight cold while others take it as a very dangerous virus similar to the Black Plague. You should take into note that Zika is a virus that causes birth defects, and could kill many born infants. it may have little to no effect on symptoms on a adult or a child. But wait till an infected person decides to have a child, that's when the virus matters. This virus could be connected to a larger issue, it could evolve and eventually affect adults more harshly than what it is now.

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