Starting out I played at the YMCA and it wasn't really important for me. UNTIL, a coach by name of Rick came along and saw me play. He was really IMPRESSED and asked my dad for me to play for a team called Boca Raton Juniors Soccer Club (BRJSC) in Boca Raton, Florida. It was at this club where I really started to ENJOY it. I met friends I still talk and train with to this day.

Good times at the Boca Juniors club with my friends.

SOCCER gets through EVERYTHING and I've never wanted to stop playing it. I play soccer because someone once told me that I would never have to WORK and day in my life if I do the things I LOVE. I LOVE soccer and it's a sport that always keeps me going and I will never give it up for ANYTHING else.

12 year old me receiving the ball in soccer match
10 year old using the parachute at a soccer camp

Soccer has taught me that whoever you play with is your FAMILY You might fight for spots on the field but at the end of the day they're still your family. You go to tournaments together, you play together, you hang out together, and most IMPORTANTLY your there for one another.

A team I played for named Boynton United. We are in Portugal in this display

Without my family I wouldn't be playing travel soccer or probably even trying. My dad PUSHES me to do my best and even if I have good practices or good games he'll always find a great way to find something for CORRECTION. My mom is a HUGE supporter and also pushes me to do my best. My sister, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins give me the best ADVICE and are always there for me when I need it.

Sister, dad, grandparents, aunt, and cousins
My mom and dad

Through soccer I've learned about the RESPONSIBILITY that it presents. If I want to go far in then I have to have a good EDUCATION. With that education I also have to have good grades. If I have low grades it doesn't matter if I'm a amazing player COLLEGES will look at that and won't take me in.

I want to go PROFESSIONAL and play for the USA national team. If I were to play for a club as well I would want to play for the premier league or LaLiga because of the PHENOMENAL teams and OPPORTUNITIES they present. However getting looked at and playing for any EXCEPTIONAL club team would also be WONDERFUL.

To wrap things up I LOVE soccer. I've guest played for teams when my regular travel team didn't have anything going on. I train on off days, even on weekends. I can never wait for another game to come and I get super anxious. My room is filled with soccer themed decors and balls. I even have my whole closet filled with soccer jerseys. So, In conclusion my life wouldn't be the same without soccer.

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Christian Mercury Dohler

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