Horses By: Kaleya Crosson

Horses can sleep standing and lying down. After horses give birth they are able to walk right after shortly.

Horses have been known for over 5000 years now. Horses have around 205 bones in their body.

A horse can run up to 55 miles per hour. And they can gallop up to 27 miles per hour.

Horses only eat plants and other things like carrots, salad, grass, oats, sugar cubes, apples, hay, and etc.

The horses teeth never stop growing. Horses drink 25 gallons of water everyday, even more in hotter weather.


This is a Thoroughbred horse. This horse is well known for its racing.

This is a Arabian horse. It is very recognizable.

This horse is called a Mustang. This horse is free in the American West.

This horse is called The American Paint Horse and its best known for its beautiful color.

This horse is called Falabella. It is best known for their size.

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